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Love Story Part 2
Episode number: 502
First aired: 29/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Love Story Part 1
Next episode: Love Story Part 3


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Cathy exits her house in London and wipes away a tear from her face. She pulls out her phone and goes to her contact list. There is only one name in it, Kevin Haile and Cathy contemplates whether she should call him. She does and an instant after the phone rings, Kevin hops out of a “rip hole” behind her. He asks if she rang and Cathy yells at him, stating that she doesn’t want to go back. Kevin holds her arm and says that whether she likes it or not, she belongs to Rictor.

In a shopping centre Elisa is holding and looking at an apple. She quickly looks around to see if anyone is watching her but stops when she notices she has soaked the apple. Santiago grabs her hand and tells her to regain control. Elisa apologizes and Santiago tells her that Rebel sent them bus tickets. Elisa smiles and kisses Santiago and the two leave the shop.

Cathy and Kevin fall out of a rip hole in the middle of nowhere. Cathy hates the situation and verbally abuses Kevin and his inability to navigate. Kevin claims it is harder to hop with another person but Cathy shushes him, stating that at least Rictor isn’t with them. As she says this, rustling can be heard in the bushes around them. A team of government agents then surround the two and raise their weapons. Cathy, frightened, tells Kevin to get them out but Kevin says that it is too risky as any of the agents could jump in with them. The agents order Cathy and Kevin down but Cathy takes a deep breath and tells Kevin to cover his eyes. He asks her what she is doing and she tells him that she can’t go back. He looks at her and closes his eyes. Cathy places her hands on his head and tells him to stay still as her ability manifests. As a huge white light envelops her surroundings, Cathy collapses. Kevin opens his eyes and discovers that the agents are gone and the environment around him is destroyed. He looks down at Cathy and apologizes again as he creates another portal.

Elisa and Santiago sit on a bus and look out the window as they drive. Both hold hands and Elisa's hand becomes water. Santiago looks at her and she smiles as she reforms it. He looks worried as Elisa has flashes of her time as an agent, including going after Joshua Lincoln. Santiago asks her what is wrong but she tells him it is nothing. Santiago is angry with her stating she keeps too much secrets. Before Elisa can argue back, the person across the aisle from them drops their phone as they have fallen asleep. The phone then receives a message from Rebel, addressed to Elisa. Santiago quietly picks the phone up and hands it to Elisa. She opens the message and covers her mouth in shock. She tells Santiago that they need to get to a train station as everyone is in trouble. Santiago looks into her eyes and takes her hand. As the bus stops, Santiago and Elisa speed away.

Cathy regains consciousness and discovers she is back in Rictor’s base. Rictor approaches her, accompanied by Edward Motley and congratulates her on killing the agents. Cathy is horrified that she did it and tells him that she is not a killer. Rictor agrees and gives her a file, stating that he needs this woman with them. Cathy takes the file and opens it, discovering it is Tina Bui. Rictor tells Cathy to bring her in.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"No, please! Don't make me go back!"

"I'm sorry"

- Cathy, Kevin

"What is it? Who's in trouble?"


- Santiago, Elisa

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