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Cathy begins terraforming her surroundings with a huge white light.
Held by: Catherine Noble
Ability to: Manipulate and alter the geological structure of one's surroundings.

Terraforming is the ability to mentally alter the geological terrain and/or environment surrounding the user. This ability manifests itself as a bright white light that affects everything that will be changed.



Catherine has great control over her ability but normally refuses to use it under normal circumstances. Catherine's power has the possibilities to transform one form of terrain into another and change one form of organic substance (namely humans and animals) into plant life. Catherine has shown that she is able to do both of these things and is able to "protect" things from being affected as long as she maintains physical contact. (Love Story, Part 2)

Catherine has used this ability to turn a team of agents into trees as well as accidentally cause a mass change in the terrain. This manifestation left her unconscious and in pain (during the process). It is unknown if this happens all the time.


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