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Mother Part 2
Final Days
Episode number: 202
First aired: 8/9/2009
Mother, Part 21.jpg
Written by: AgentJordan
Previous episode: Mother Part 1
Next episode: The Partner Part 1


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Samantha and Tessa, who are sitting together, see Ford walking towards them. Wesly approaches the women, thanking them on their decisions to love him forever. Samantha smiles at him and asks if he needs anything. Wesly shrugs and tells the women that he would like “the world”.

Present Time

Tyson, still by his mother’s grave, is on the phone talking with someone. Tyson asks them what happened 18 years ago and refuses to leave the person be until he receives some answers.

18 Years Ago

Samantha walks into Wesly’s suite in the hotel and finds him verbally and physically harassing one of his followers. Samantha asks if there is anything wrong and Wesly screams at her to shut up. Samantha obeys and leaves the room. As she does this, a picture falls from her pocket. Samantha opens the paper and finds that it is a picture drawn by Tyson at age 4. She smiles and a tear roles down her eye. Wesly opens the door and tells Samantha that he was just “pretend fighting” with the woman in the room. Samantha looks at him and then notices the body of the woman, completely lifeless. Samantha widens her eyes in shock as Wesly grabs her and drags her into his suite.

Samantha is pushed to the floor by Wesly, who claims that no matter what she does, she will always want to be hit by him. Samantha holds the drawn picture in her hand as Wesly hits her again. Wesly laughs and hits her again. This time he notices the picture she has. He takes it from her and asks who it is from. Samantha replies that it is from her son. Wesly smiles at the image and then tears it to pieces. Samantha is horrified by this and rises from the ground, drawing her weapon. Wesly laughs and tells her to sit down but is unable to control her. Samantha tells him that his mind tricks won’t work anymore and shoots him in the leg.

Present Time:

Tyson asks the person on the phone how his mother died if she defeated Wesly.

18 Years Ago:

Samantha and Tessa are attending the funeral of Wesly. Samantha comments on how powerless she feels and Tessa remarks it is a side effect of “leaving his ability”. Samantha shakes her head and tells her partner that she is sick, terminally. Tessa is shocked at this and asks her how she knows. Samantha holds a pen in her hand and turns it into a wilting flower. Samantha tells Tessa that The Company is calling her condition the “Shanti Virus” and that at the moment, there is no cure. She also claims that soon she will not be able to access her ability. Samantha comments that she can feel herself slipping away and wants Tessa to promise not to tell Tyson and to always look after him. Tessa promises and Samantha smiles.

Samantha enters her car and wipes away some tears. She looks to the passenger seat and notices that the flower she previously transmutated has begun to wilt. She closes her eyes and holds her necklace, repeating the words: “For Tyson”.

Present Time:

Tyson thanks the person on the other end of the phone. The person is revealed to be an elderly Tessa Harris, who requests that now Tyson knows the truth, he never contact her again. She states that her “Company Days” are gone. Tyson hangs up and pays his final respects to his mother’s grave. As he turns to leave, Tyson is confronted by Noah Bennet, who tells Tyson that something big is happening and that he needs his help.

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