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Mind Control
Wesly's followers are all under his command.
Held by: Wesly Ford (Deceased)
Ability to: Bend others to one's will

Mind Control is the ability to bend others to one's will by creating a mental link to their mind.



Wesly had the power to force large groups of people to obey his every command or thought by mentally bending them to his will. He could completely remove someone's free will and force them to become his mindless servants or he could simply force a single belief into their head with such force that it would completely consume their minds, also making them his servant. The Company originally thought that Wesly had to touch his victims in order to influence someone but he proved that he was able to control them mentally after forcing Samantha and Tessa to worship him. (Mother, Part 1)

If one of Wesly's targets have some sort of an anchor to their uncontrolled state, then the target will seemingly regain control of their own mind. (Mother, Part 2)

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