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Samantha turns a pen into a flower.
Held by: Samantha Russel (deceased)
Ability to: Transmutate objects into other organic substances

Transmutation is the ability to alter the chemical make-up of objects, transforming them into other organic objects of relative size.



Samantha has shown that she was able to fully transmutate a non-organic object (pen) into a fully grown and healthy organic substance (plant). This transformation took place seconds after Samantha touched her pen and was also completed in a matter of seconds. Samantha was able to choose what object she created. It is unknown if she was able to reverse the effects of her ability. (Mother, Part 1)

Samantha could also transmutate larger objects such as people. Although not seen, Tessa mentioned that Samantha turned Wesly's insides into mush. This mush was also mentioned to be organic.

Samantha's power appears to be affected by her overall health. When she was healthy, the organic things that she created thrived. When she was sick or dying, they died as soon as they were made. Also, any previously transmutated objects in her vicinity would also wilt and die. (Mother, Part 2)


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