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Tyson Russel
Portrayed by Christopher Meloni
First appearance Chronicles: Special
In-story stats
Age 34
Occupation Government Agent
Former Company Agent
Parent Samantha Russel (deceased)

Tyson Russel was an agent of The Company who was considered to be the "Top Human Agent". He was Jordan Matthews' partner, mentor, and eventually he became a sort of "big brother" to him. Tyson was fired by Angela Petrelli following Primatech's demise and began working with the government after receiving a request from Noah Bennet.


Tyson was born to Samantha Russel, an evolved human who worked very closely with The Company. She died when Tyson was young and since then, he has been raised by The Company. He was trained and tested in all areas until he became one of the most experienced agents. His skill was unmatched and he was known as an agent with a heart of steel, that is until he met Jordan Matthews. Tyson and Jordan became family and his "big brother" nature over Jordan makes him very protective and loyal to him.

Tyson has had many partners over his years including Elisa Douglas and Tina Bui.

Character History

Season One History

Tyson oversees the bag and tag of Joshua Lincoln. During the mission, he is surprised by a telekinetic attack, which temporarily stops him from aiding in the mission. Following Joshua's recruitment to the Company, Tyson informs Joshua of the Company's background and gives him some information regarding his own partner, Jordan Matthews. Tyson then accompanies his former partner Tina Bui on a mission to capture two escaped villains. Tyson and Tina are both nearly killed on this mission but are saved by their recruits Joshua and Ethan.

After discovering that Jordan has been sent to Pinehearst on a mission that could potentially kill him, Tyson immediately sets off with a group of agents to rescue him. Tyson takes full command during the mission and uses the skills that he has gained over the years to take out all agents in his path. He and his team rescue Jordan but are surrounded by Pinehearst Agents. With his friends powerless, Tyson is forced to protect them all until their powers return. When they do return, Tyson learns that Joshua and Alan have gone after Emily Rose, prompting Tyson to gather his agents and rush to help.

Tyson, Ethan, Jordan and Elisa arrive to help Tina and Joshua fight off Emily. Tyson accidentally tazers Tina and is thrown aside by Emily. While being held on the ground, Tyson watches as his friends are beaten one by one. Seeing that Emily is weakened, Tyson shoots at her. He is unable to kill her, as Emily takes her own life by destroying herself with her power. Tyson and the other agents return to Primatech, where they are all fired. Desperate to know what he must do with his life, Tyson goes to Jordan for advice. The Seer gives none and Tyson is left alone, not knowing what he must do without the Company.

Season Two

Side Story: Sandman Part 4

Entering his office in Primatech, Tyson discovers a letter from Tina explaining that after her most recent assignment, she has requested that her only job be to train new recruits. Tyson reads on and discovers that Tina has only signed on for two more years in the Company.

Side Story: Mother Part 1

Tyson visits his mother's grave and apologises for not visiting her in a while. He wonders what life as a Company Agent was like for her, asking himself if he did the right thing following in her footsteps.

Side Story: Mother Part 2

Tyson wonders how his mother died and calls her old partner to get the details. After learning the truth about Samantha's final mission, Tyson thanks Tessa, who tells him never to contact her again. Tyson pays his final respects to his mother and is approached by Noah Bennet who asks for his help.

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Tyson and Olivia Stabler knock on the door of Tina Bui. Tina is thrilled to see Tyson but less thrilled when she meets Olivia. Tyson explains that he and Olivia are engaged and Tina becomes suspicious, noting that he hasn't mentioned her before. Tyson explains that the engagement was very spontaneous and Tina invites them in. While catching up, Tyson asks for a drink and Tina goes to get some glasses. Olivia pulls out her gun but Tyson shakes his head, making Olivia put it back. Tina spots this and attacks them, trying to escape through the front door. More agents arrive and capture Tina, much to Tyson's disappointment.

Later, at Building 26, Emile Danko finds out that Tina's heart rate is incredibly high and Tyson realizes that it is because she is angry that he betrayed her. He warns Danko that he should not get in her way if she escapes and then tells him that he will never go against a friend like that again.

After The Fall

After Flight 195 crashes, Tyson and Olivia meet with Noah Bennet and Danko to discuss their strategy. Danko orders the three agents to bring back every prisoner, dead or alive. When Claire Bennet's name comes up in the discussion, Tyson assures Noah that no team will, or can, kill her. Later, while out hunting for escaped prisoners, Tyson learns that Olivia was hand-picked from a group of FBI agents to join the team.He tries to get Olivia to see that some people with powers are not bad but Olivia refuses to believe.

Tyson, Olivia and their team soon find Tina Bui running through the bush. They follow and after Olivia is thrown into the squad, Tyson pulls his gun on Tina. He says that he doesn't want to hurt her but Tina, knowing that their long friendship is over, lifts Tyson into the air and throws him onto his teammates, grimly proclaiming that he is now the enemy.


Tyson and his partner go after Andrew Gavin in the Burnt Toast Diner. Andrew attempts to leave the diner but Tyson stands and grabs him. Andrew then greatly weakens Tyson, leaving him on the brink of consciousness.


Tyson returns to Building 26 and is called over by Danko. Danko shows him a video feed of Tracy Strauss's cells and tells him that Jordan is now locked in there with her. Tyson is furious and demands to know why he is being kept in "The Oven". Danko explains that they want to keep his abilities suppressed.

Tyson later goes to visit Jordan and tells him that the government didn't want him "reading" them so they fed him Haitian pills. He advises Jordan to stop eating and then leaves.


Tyson poses as a police officer in order to get into the house of Perry Redfield, a government target. He enters the house and pulls out his gun, ordering Perry and his friend to the floor. Perry uses his ability to throw several objects into Tyson, knocking him down.


As leader of Squad A, Tyson informs Danko that his team is ready to go. He and Olivia then capture David Goldberg. Tyson and Olivia soon arrive at Norman Ventris's house. While waiting for Norman to come outside, Tyson tells Olivia that he has captured Norman once before, for the Company. He says that it was one of his first missions and that it made him realise just how all-powerful people with abilities can be. Norman comes outside and tries to use his ability to make them leave. Tyson knocks him out and removes his ear phones. Olivia is shocked that he was prepared for that and Tyson shrugs, saying that he learnt his lesson last time.

He and Olivia return to Building 26 and Danko commends them on their work with "Goldberg the dehydrator" and "the world's not so luckiest man". Danko then informs them that Leon has not returned. Tyson is worried but Danko tells him not to be and gives him his new target. Tyson is shocked when he sees who it is and says that it isn't possible.

Train 192

Tyson and Olivia are given the mission to stop Rictor's team of fugitives. They watch Train 192 from a plane and Olivia asks Tyson if he is ready, commenting that Tina may be helping Rictor. Tyson says that he is ready and the two of them skydive from the plane and land on the roof of the speeding Train. They make there way to the control room, where Olivia shoots Martha Landett dead. When Rictor attacks Olivia, Tyson has no alternative but to throw himself, Rictor and Olivia off of the speeding train. The three of them fall down into the woods below the train.


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