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Mother Part 1
Episode number: 101
First aired: 5/9/2009
Written by: AgentJordan
Previous episode: Sandman Part 4
Next episode: Mother Part 2


This article is fan made and should not be considered canon



Tyson, standing by the grave of his mother, comments on how long it has been since he has visited her. Tyson speaks aloud to himself, noting on how he followed in Samantha’s footsteps and that he wonders what her life was like as an agent.

18 years ago

Samantha Russel walks down a street in Los Angeles. A woman is selling flowers on the street and Samantha happily buys one. Samantha checks her watch and enters her car, holding her purchased flower. Samantha looks at it and places it on her lap, picking up a pen and notebook. Looking at the pen, Samantha watches as it transforms into an exact copy of the flower. Samantha holds both flowers in her hand and jumps as her partner, Tessa Harris, announces her presence in the back seat. Samantha requests that Tessa stop breaking into her car and Tessa tells Samantha that their target is on the move.

Later that night, Samantha and Tessa stake out a hotel on a deserted street. Several people guard its entrance and Tessa tells Samantha that they will have to sneak in the back way. Samantha agrees and the two women arm themselves. Before exiting the car, Samantha holds her necklace and whispers to herself “Tyson”. Tessa asks if she is ready and Samantha replies that she is. Tessa remarks that “Ford” can control your mind after he touches you, noting his ability as “Hypnotic Touch”. Samantha confirms this, stating that they will be able to bag him as long as he doesn’t touch them.

Sneaking out of the car and close to the hotel, the women find that the guards are gone. Samantha theorizes that it is time to swap shifts. The agents make their way through the main entrance and find the hallway covered in posters of Wesly Ford. Written over all these posters is the slogan: The man who could move a nation. Tessa replies that the people in the hotel are sick and Samantha asks how he could control so many people. Behind them a voice is heard, asking if they wish to find out. As the girls turn around, they find Wesly standing below them surrounded by followers. He tells the women that he has a sort of influence over people and raises his hand. Expecting an attack, Samantha draws her gun and aims at Wesly’s head. He laughs at her as Samantha notices Tessa, kneeling before Wesly. Samantha asks what she is doing and Wesly says in a calm voice that she is joining the family. Samantha prepares to shoot but lowers her gun, smiling, she kneels to the floor and says that she loves Wesly.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"For you...Tyson"


The Man Who Could Move A Nation

-Wesly Ford's Slogan

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