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Official Summary

Angela looks back over the last year and reveals personal memories of her relationship with Arthur.


Wedding Bells
Volume: Three
Issue: 03-09
Released: 29th July, 2010
Father Vance's church.jpg
Written by: Mc hammark
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Jenx222
Previous issue: Family Values
Next issue: True Reflection
26th November 1964
25th December 1964
17th April 1965


Some people think dreaming the future is a gift. They're wrong. It's a curse.

Knowing what's coming, the fear of knowing who's going to die, how long they have left. And it's not just the horrible moments you dream. Sometimes the dreams are about special moments. Moments that should be a surprise to you.

26th November 1964

In his apartment, Arthur Petrelli was cooking thanksgiving dinner. His girlfriend, Angela, was on her way over. Tonight was going to be the big night. He was going to propose.

The doorbell rang. Arthur answered it, it was Angela. She was wearing the most amazing little black dress.

Half an hour later the two were sitting at the table, eating soup.

"This soup is delicious." - Angela

"Thank-you. It's my mother's recipe. Perhaps I'll teach you the recipe one day." - Arthur

"I think you will. I know you will." - Angela

The two looked at each other and laughed.

"You know Angela, these past few months have been absolutely brilliant. You're an amazing person." - Arthur

Angela began to blush and smile.

"And I don't think I've ever been more sure of anything in my life." - Arthur

Arthur stood up and took a small box out of his pocket. He got down on one knee.

"Angela Shaw. Will you do me the honour, of being my wife?" - Arthur

I knew Arthur was going to teach me how to make the soup. I knew he was going to ask me to marry him. I knew I was going to say yes. I knew when it would happen, where it would happen, who would be there, what would happen before, during and after the ceremony. I knew, because of my curse.

25th December 1964

"Are you sure?" - Angela

"Yes, you look beautiful. He’ll love you." - Arthur

"He knows we're engaged, doesn’t he?" - Angela

"Yes, I told him a few weeks ago. But Angela, it doesn't matter what he thinks. Whether he likes you, or hates you, I'll always love you." - Arthur

"Always?" - Angela

"Always." - Arthur

The couple got out of the car and walked up to the door. Arthur knocked four times. A boy, a few years older than Arthur, answered the door.

"Timothy. How are you?" - Arthur

The two men hugged.

"I'm great Arthur. You?" - Timothy

Timothy looked over Arthur's shoulder to see Angela.

"Well well Arthur? How did you get such a good looking girl? Have you brainwashed her?" - Timothy

He began to laugh and took Angela's hand. He kissed it.

"You must be Angela. I'm Timothy. Arthur's older, better looking brother." - Timothy

Angela blushed.

"All right, c'mon. Let’s get inside." - Arthur

It didn't matter what I did that day. I knew that before the night was out, Arthur and his brother would have a row. Tim had left home at an early age as a result of an abusive father. Although he never said it, Arthur could never forgive Tim for leaving. I knew that he would break off all contact with him. I was relieved when he did, because it proved something to me. That night, I knew he truly loved me.

April 17th 1965

“I do.” – Arthur & Angela

Angela and Arthur kissed in a loving embrace. They were married, husband and wife. They walked down the isle, glancing at their friends. Daniel; Arthur's best man, Susan; Angela's maid of honour. Harry, Charles, Kaito, Bobby and Carlos.

The couple walked down the isle. Angela looked at her ring. It was beautiful. Gold. Thanks to Bobby.

"Arthur. Promise me something." - Angela

"Anything, Mrs. Petrelli." - Arthur

"No matter what the future brings... we'll be together." - Angela

"Angela Petrelli. I love you. I will always love you, and will do till the day I die. We will always be together." - Arthur.

"I love you Arthur." - Angela

That's the thing about dreaming the future. You know what's coming. And sometimes, in your rush to stop it, you cause it. My ability lets me see into the future. But it's the present that turns me into that person I see, the old woman looking in the mirror. Of all the dreams I've had, none were as happy as the one about my wedding. I still remember the bells ringing. It was the happiest day of my life. But, dreaming the future is a curse, not a gift.

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Wedding Bells