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Martha Landett
Portrayed by Freema Agyeman
First appearance Targets
In-story stats
Known ability Heating
Place of birth England
Date of death 2007
Occupation Former thief
Significant other Rictor Trundall

Martha Landett was a member of Rictor Trundall's team and possessed the ability to rapidly heat objects. She was engaged to Rictor but died during the Train 192 disaster.

Character History


Martha heats the door handle of a warehouse. It melts and she and her team are able to bust in. Rictor Trundall orders her and the others to span out and search for their package. When Rictor demands to know if the package has been found, Martha steps up and informs him that she has discovered that two thieves stole the package and have taken it to LAWR. Rictor thanks Martha for discovering this and orders his team to leave the warehouse.

Train 192

Martha stands alongside Rictor in the control room of Train 192. She is pulling levers and Rictor asks her how long it will take to reroute the train. She tells him it will take at least twenty minutes. Both Rictor and Martha then notice a button and Rictor, happy, states that they will free their friends. Rictor soon returns to Martha, who comments that everything is working according to plan. She hugs him and asks if, when everything is over, they can have their wedding in Venice. Martha and Rictor kiss and hug again. A gunshot is heard and Martha screams in pain. Rictor is shocked as Martha pulls away from him, bleeding. Everything around her begins to heat up and Martha eventually falls off the train, to her death.

Side Story:Love Story, Part 3

Martha's body is found by Rictor, who takes it back to his headquarters. Once there a memorial service takes place and Kevin Haile attends. He later finds a photo of himself, Martha, Rictor and Edward Motley.

Evolved Human Abilities

Martha possessed the ability to rapidly heat objects. Her power worked similarly to Rictor's, but it only allowed her to boil and melt objects. When shot, and in a state of shock, everything around Martha began to heat up uncontrollably but cooled down once she was no longer in their presence.


  • Martha is named after the character of "Martha Jones", from Doctor Who who is also portrayed by Freema Agyeman.

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