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Olivia Stabler
Portrayed by Mariska Hagitay
First appearance Hunt, Catch, Crash
In-story stats
Nickname Liv
Age 29
Occupation Government Agent
Former FBI Agent

Olivia "Liv" Stabler is part of Emile Danko's government team and is Tyson Russel's partner.

Character History

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Olivia goes to Beijing, China with Tyson Russel to see Tina Bui. Tyson, Tina and Olivia begin to talk about why Tina moved to China and Tina explains it is because of personal reasons. Olivia comments on the house's beauty and Tina leaves to go get a drink. Olivia takes out her gun in preparation of capturing Tina but Tyson dismisses her. Tina sees this however and attacks Olivia before attempting to escape.

After The Fall

After the fall of Flight 195 Olivia stands alongside Tyson and Noah as Danko tells his agents that they are to use any means neccessary to recapture the fugitives. Nathan Petrelli arrives and an argument ensues. When Olivia attempts to resolve the dispute, Danko shuns her down.

Olivia later talks with Tyson about her dislike at hunting evolved humans but her knowledge that what she is doing is the right thing. Tyson attempts to reason with her, stating that some people with abilities just want to be left alone. Olivia sees how that can work for a period of time but comments that something always happens, reffering to the "sattellite explosion" over New York about a year ago. Olivia and Tyson then take their squad and pursue Tina, who uses her strength to throw Olivia onto her squad.


Olivia sits in the passenger seat while a government van transports Rachel Moore and Samantha Nowak to a secure facility. While driving, the van runs over some railroad spikes and punctures all of its tires, losing control and crashing off the side of the road.


Olivia has another van pick her and her team up and she pursues the escaped prisoners, Rachel Moore and Samantha Nowak. She talks with Danko who explains that Nowak is a high priority case and that if the need arises she may shoot to kill. Olivia tracks the girls to a nearby diner where she finds the two talking. Olivia pulls out her gun and holds it to Samantha's head, stating that she needs to come with her. Rachel takes the oppurtunity to spray pepper into Olivia's face which causes her pain. Samantha elbows Olivia and grabs the gun. Frightened, Samantha uses her ability on Olivia, causing a huge black smog to erupt from her body. Olivia then falls to the ground unconcious.


Olivia and Tyson enter the home of David Goldberg and capture him. Olivia then calls Noah Bennet and tells him to go ahead with his mission. Olivia and Tyson then go to the home of Norman Ventris and Olivia convinces his girlfriend that they are police officers and need to speak with him. Norman arrives and Olivia tells him that he has to come with them. Norman uses his ability to convince her otherwise but Tyson intervenes and captures Norman.

Olivia then goes on a solo mission and captures Christina Summars. When she and Tyson return to Building 26 and learn that Leon is missing, she and Tyson volunteer to go looking for him.

Train 192

Oliva and Tyson are sent to stop Rictor Trundall's group. While on a plane flying over the train, Olivia steps up to Tyson and asks if he is ready, commenting on the fact that his "Chinese friend" is on the train. She and Tyson make their way to the control space and Olivia shoots Martha Landett dead. Olivia then tries to get Rictor off of the train but he manages to stay onboard. He then grabs her head and begins to use his ability on her. Tyson saves her by tackling the three of them out of the train.

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