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Enhanced Strength

Tina Bui launches a powerful kick.
Originally held by: Tina Bui
Mohinder Suresh (synthetic)
Liam Meran (deceased)
Absorbed by: Joshua Lincoln
Ability to: Exert greater than normal physical strength, stamina, endurance and agility

Enhanced Strength is the ability to exert greater than normal physical strength, agility, endurance and stamina.



Tina Bui

Tina has shown that with a single kick, she is strong enough to send a man twice her size flying into the air. Tina also shows off her ability by hurling Ethan Campbell across the room. The full amount of strength that Tina can exert is currently unknown. (Welcome To Primatech)

Recently, she has shown that she has enough power in a single "push" to send a door off its hinges (Grace) and even two full grown adults with little or no effort whatsoever. (After The Fall). She is also able to crush small objects with her hand with little effort. (Rebellion)

Joshua Lincoln

Joshua duplicated this ability from Tina at an unknown time. He has utilized this power to easily lift Evan Winston off his feet and into the air to intimidate him. (Hunt, Catch, Crash).

Liam Meran

Liam possessed the power to exert unbelievable strength from his body. He claimed that he was able to tear soldiers apart, push bolted dorrs open and crush objects no man could crush. His body was also more durable than that of a normal human as when he succumbed to the effects of Razor's gravity manipulating abilities, only a few of Liam's bones were broken and he was successfully able to "pull himself" from its effects.

Memorable Quotes

"I think you broke my arm!"

(Groans in pain)

'Walk it off Campbell!"

- Ethan, Tina (Welcome To Primatech)

"You do not understand, I am different also. Not human. I can tear soldiers apart with my hands, push open bolted doors and crush objects no man can crush. I am special and so is Razor. Believe me when I say that I am strong enough to handle him"

- Liam Meran to Emile Danko (Angola)


  • While Tina's ability grants her numerous enhanced attributes, her Assignment Tracker profile names this ability as Enhanced Strength.
  • Mohinder Suresh synthetically possesses this ability but has not displayed it in the Chronicles universe.
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