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Petrelli mansion

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Petrelli mansion
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Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

Angela Petrelli keeps a residence in Manhattan.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 5

After returning from the Vietnam War, Mr. Petrelli is visited by an old colleague -- Mr. Linderman.


Angela has a conversation with Claire about her two sons. She then explains to Claire why she needs to go to Europe, and that Angela will take Claire with her.

After Peter's showdown with Sylar, Mohinder brings his presumably-dead body to the living room, where Angela mourns. Later, Nathan comes and sits next to Peter's body. Claire comes in, and feeling a piece of glass, pulls it out, and Peter revives.

Five Years Gone

In a possible future, Claire looks at pictures hanging on the mantle. Sylar, disguised as Nathan, comes in and begins talking to her. When Claire realizes that he's not Nathan, Sylar reveals his true from and begins to remove Claire's brain.

The Hard Part

Peter tries to convice Claire to stay in New York to help stop the explosion. Meanwhile, Nathan calls Mr. Linderman as Simon, his brother and their mother arrive. Later, Peter gives Claire a gun as they leave for Kirby Plaza.


During the election, Nathan receives a phone call from Marty about polling numbers. Linderman assures Nathan that the election is taken care of. Heidi comes to let Nathan know that their sons want to say goodbye before school, but finds Linderman with surprise. As Linderman leaves, he wishes to give the two a gift for the occasion, and holds Heidi's hands for a few seconds. After Heidi chastises Nathan for having a criminal in the house, Nathan notices Heidi move her foot. The two stand and embrace in Heidi's miraculous recovery.


Arthur and Angela Petrelli hold a black-tie celebration. Separately, Linderman and Arthur confront Nathan about the prosecution of the Linderman Group. When Nathan does not back down, Arthur decides that Nathan must be killed. After Nathan's accident, Angela becomes suspicious of Arthur's possible involvement and confronts her husband. He denies it, and telepathically convinces her that Nathan must die. Linderman heals Angela of Arthur's abuse, and Angela decides to take action. She poisons Arthur's lentil soup, and Arthur is powerless to stop her. Later, the Petrellis hold a funeral for Arthur, despite the fact that the patriarch has faked his death.

Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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