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Coyote Sands

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Coyote Sands
Location: Coyote Sands, AZ
Purpose: Internment camp

Coyote Sands was a resettlement camp for people with special abilities in the 1960's.

Notable Employees

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Turn and Face the Strange

With a list of addresses found in an old document of his father about "Operation Icarus", Mohinder's new map shows all threads converging in Arizona. Angela and Peter arrive at Coyote Sands, which consists only of a number of derelict buildings. Nathan and Claire arrive soon after, and Angela explains that Coyote Sands is the beginning of their story. Taking a shovel out of the back of the SUV in which she and Peter arrived, she tells them that they'll have to dig for the truth.

That night, Nathan uncovers a skeleton with what appears to be a bullet hole in its skull. He asks Angela how many more there are, but she only tells him to keep digging. Peter soon finds another, and indications are that they will find many before they are done. While digging, Noah also arrives in Coyote Sands.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

Via video on his Sprint cell phone, Angela Petrelli tells Noah Bennet to go to Coyote Sands.


In 1961, Angela Shaw and her sister, Alice, arrive at the camp with their family. They meet Chandra Suresh who gives them a tour and introduces them to Dr. Zimmerman. Angela notes that there are armed guards around the camp, but Chandra assures them that the guards are for their protection.

As Angela and Alice, her sister, settle into their barracks, Charles Deveaux, Bobby Bishop, and Daniel Linderman enter and introduce themselves. Charles flirts a bit with Angela before they leave. Alice doesn't like the camp, but Angela insists that the doctors will fix her nightmares. The weather suddenly clears up and Angela takes it as a sign.

In March, Angela wakes up from another nightmare. She goes outside and the three boys are waiting. Charles tries to tell Angela that the camps are like the Holocaust, but Angela refuses to believe. Linderman reveals his power, and Charles convinces Angela to escape with them. Alice gets worried and calls Angela back inside. As she departs, Angela tells the boys not to trust Dr. Suresh.

Inside the barracks, Angela tucks Alice in. As they talk about what's going on, Alice reveals that she can control the weather by making it snow.

A month later, Chandra Suresh retrieves Angela from her barracks. Alice is scared, but Angela comforts her and heads to Suresh's testing room with the doctor. Inside, Suresh tests Angela for precognition as Mr. Lieberman records everything. Angela tells him she has confusing dreams that tell the future. When Chandra pries for more information, Angela tells him he's going to kill everyone. Chandra doesn't believe her, and assures her that her dreams are open to interpretation and that he won't hurt them.

In May 1961, Charles comes to get Angela to escape. She lies to Alice to get her to stay behind, telling her that she had a dream and Alice will be safe if she stays. Angela then leaves for Coyote Sands Cafe. Dr. Suresh comes to get Alice shortly after. Alice remembers what Angela had said about Chandra and panics. She loses control of her powers and manages to escape. The guards then open fire on the campers, killing all of them.

In 2007, adult Angela, her sons Peter and Nathan, granddaughter Claire Bennet, and employee Noah Bennet are at Coyote Sands digging up graves. Peter gets angry and asks Angela to tell them what they're doing there. Angela tells him the story of her first arrival as somebody watches from a nearby building.

Angela calls the group inside a building and informs them that Coyote Sands used to be a government internment camp for evolved humans. Her sister died there but Angela keeps having dreams that she's still alive. She tells the group that the Company was founded at Coyote Sands and that she wants to reinstate the Company and it's old methods. Peter refuses and flies off; Nathan follows him.

Later, Claire confronts a day-dreaming Angela about Alice. Angela reveals that she wishes she were more like Claire, more courageous. As they're talking, strong winds pick up and start a dust storm. Angela claims it's Alice and runs outside calling for her. Claire follows, but calls out for Noah instead. When the dust gets too bad, Claire drags her grandmother back inside.

Noah, meanwhile, is stumbling around in the storm trying to find Claire. He trips and is dragged off by Mohinder Suresh, who came looking for answers about his father. He reveals he found a file about Angela and Alice Shaw in his father's possession.

Angela and Claire sit out the sandstorm. Angela reveals she tried to save everyone and she did save Alice, but Claire doesn't believe her. Angela gets upset and runs out into the storm. Claire tries to stop her, but the storm disappears and reveals that Angela has gone with it. Nathan and Peter fly up and Claire tells them Angela's missing.

I Am Sylar

Mohinder Suresh is doing some personal research at Coyote Sands when he's captured by Danko's team.

An Invisible Thread

People gather around a funeral pyre at Coyote Sands to cremate who they believe is Sylar.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

While staring at the pyre that he believes is puting an end to the series of Sylar's victims, Mohinder remembers his hunt for the monster; he now understands that burning this body will not solve the problem as it is something we have within ourselves.

Brother's Keeper

Mohinder watches a film of his father recording information about a power that is generated with many evolved humans congregate. Chandra also documents a pregnant woman's labor, the birth of her son, and strong earthquakes.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

Joseph Sullivan asks Arnold to time-travel back to January 1961. When he arrives, Arnold finds that he is early and that the buildings are still being built. A soldier, with the name tag "MONROE", knocks Arnold out using the butt of his gun and remarks on Arnold's fashion of arrival.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 2

In January, 1961, Adam Monroe wakes up Arnold who cannot remember a thing.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

Tracy tells Angela that maybe her sister would have been better off at her specials training facility instead of at Coyote Sands.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, Linderman wonders how many lives could have been saved if Chris Coolidge would have been at Coyote Sands.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Quentin uses Coyote Sands as an example to prove his point to Phoebe that the government has known about evos for a long time.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

The name "Coyote Sands" is on Quentin's board.

One of the files Quentin downloads from Renautas is called "Coyote Sands".

Heroes Evolutions

NBC has posted videos of a young Chandra Suresh working at Coyote Sands. The videos show the strange events that are happening related to nature.

The videos:

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's first blog post, "A Message from Hiro Nakamura", he mentions how we all know that the roots of the Company began at Coyote Sands.



  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, the script for 1961 originally set the camp in White Sands, New Mexico. This site was deemed unfeasible.
  • The filming for Coyote Sands was actually done in the Antelope Valley in Polsa Rosa, CA.
  • "Coyote Sands" is an outskirt location within an online role-playing game entitled called Magic Star Roleplay.


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  • For conceptual sketches of Coyote Sands, see here.

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