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Dark Miko

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Dark Miko
Dark Miko.jpg
Portrayed by Kiki Sukezane
First appearance Game Over
In-story stats
Date of death 2015
Home Evernow
Residence The Eternal Fortress
Occupation Fortress guard

"Dark Miko" guarded Hiro Nakamura's cell in Evernow.

Character History

Game Over

Richard Schwenkman tells Erica Kravid that he and his team have been working around the clock modifying Evernow to make it harder for someone to rescue Hiro Nakamura from inside the game. Richard adds that he has added a new guard, Dark Miko, into the game as a precaution.

When Miko Otomo enters the Eternal Fortress in Evernow, she hears the voice of Dark Miko echo through the room, saying that the real Miko is dead and that Miko is "life stolen from a dead girl". Dark Miko then reveals herself and attacks Miko. The two duel with their swords, neither one of them gaining the upper hand until Dark Miko manages to disarm her opponent. Dark Miko taunts Miko by holding her in front of a mirror and saying that her face is that of a dead girl. When Miko escapes her grasp and runs towards Hiro's cell, Dark Miko shouts that if Miko opens the cell and frees Hiro, the game will end and she will die. Dark Miko then jumps in for a killing blow, but Miko travels back to the real world before Dark Miko can land.

In the real world, Miko tells Noah, Quentin and Ren that the final obstacle she must face is herself. She then travels back to Evernow to face Dark Miko once again. Dark Miko continues mocking her while they duel. She swings her sword vertically, hoping to decapitate Miko, but Miko slides underneath the sword and decapitates Dark Miko instead.


  • Dark Miko appears in Evernow as a monochrome clone of Miko.


  • Stunt performer Jennifer Li provided some of Dark Miko's movements with a motion capture suit.
  • While the character of Dark Miko is not named or credited in the episode, actress Kiki Sukezane refers to her as "Dark Miko" in an interview.
  • Dark Miko had the Symbol on her sword, though it was colored black.
  • In the Inside the Eclipse for Game Over, Sukezane reveals that she decided to give Dark Miko a very heavy accent because Miko Otomo does not have one, further reinforcing the idea that Miko and Dark Miko are opposites.

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