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Miko Otomo (Hachiro's daughter)

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Miko Otomo
Real Miko.jpg
Portrayed by Kiki Sukezane
First appearance 11:53 to Odessa
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Tokyo, Japan
Parent Hachiro Otomo
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Miko Otomo (大友 巫女, Ōtomo Miko) is the daughter of Hachiro Otomo. The Miko Otomo construct is based on this Miko.

Character History

Brave New World

A picture of Miko and Hachiro Otomo rests on Hachiro's desk in his study.

Game Over

Richard Schwenkman tells Erica that he knew Hachiro Otomo's daughter, but that the girl travelling through Evernow is not her.

Later, when the construct Miko enters the Eternal Fortress, Dark Miko tells her that she is life stolen from a dead girl. Richard tells Noah that the real Miko died in a car crash.

June 13th, Part Two

Shortly after being created, the construct Miko picks up a picture of the real Miko and Hachiro Otomo. When the construct asks Hachiro why she doesn't remember the picture being taken, he tells her that it is because she was in a terrible accident.

11:53 to Odessa

In the far future, the construct Miko descends into a building in Gateway. Inside, Miko finds a room full of evos hooked up to machines including the real Miko Otomo. As the construct Miko stares at the real Miko, Hachiro Otomo enters the room and tells the construct Miko that the real one had been involved in an accident. Renautas saved her life but threatened to kill her if Hachiro didn't do what they wanted.

In 2015, a construct of Hachiro tells Ren that he must travel to the future to save the dying Miko.

Company Woman

After trapping Tommy Clark in the rebuilt Eternal Fortress of Evernow, a remorseful Hachiro tells Erica Kravid that he has done "such terrible things" to keep Miko alive. Erica tells to "never be ashamed of the scars we have to bear for our children."

Project Reborn

Looking for the Miko Otomo construct to save Tommy Clark from Evernow, Ren Shimosawa and Emily Duval find the room Miko is being held in along with several other evos, including her father. Ren is able to use the necklace the Hachiro construct gave him to deactivate the pods and free those trapped inside, including Miko. Not knowing this Miko isn't the same person as his Miko, Ren approaches her to her confusion. As Ren and Emily try to figure out why she doesn't know Ren, Richard Schwenkman reactivates the pods and points a gun at them, only to be killed by Hachiro. Hachiro and Miko are finally reunited and Hachiro explains how Ren risked his life to rescue her. Miko smiles at Ren and watches as her father transports Ren into Evernow to rescue Tommy.

When Ren emerges from Evernow with Tommy, Miko and Hachiro are both held hostage by Erica Kravid who tells Tommy that if he changes the future, everyone there will be erased, including Miko and everyone else in the room. Tommy eventually freezes time and splits himself into two with one Tommy remaining behind in the future to save those trapped there. The second Tommy goes around the room, transporting everyone back one-by-one with a touch, including Miko and Hachiro.

Three months after the H.E.L.E. was averted, Ren and Miko spar watched over by Hachiro.

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