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Tommy Clark/Heroes Reborn

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This article archives the history of Tommy Clark during Season Reborn.

For more about Tommy Clark, see the main article.

Character History

Brave New World

In April 2015, Tommy looks nervous as he and his mother arrive at the Canadian border. Tommy is worried about the border patrol potentially discovering that he is an evo, and the attitudes of Canadians towards evos in general. Anne tries to reassure him by telling him that Canadians are nice, but Tommy replies that she said the same about the people in Denver. Tommy's fears are confirmed as they witness an evo woman be swabbed and tazered, causing Anne to violently turn the car around and drive away.

On the one-year anniversary of the June 13th disaster, Tommy visits an evo support group in Chicago, hoping to get advice on how to deal with life as an evo. He is disappointed when its members are generally unhelpful, and has to leave the group early when he receives a text from his mother telling him to come home. In his rush to get on the bus, he accidentally knocks over a delivery man while Caspar Abraham looks on. A few minutes later, everyone at the support group is killed by Luke and Joanne, who decide to go after Tommy before burning the church down. Caspar saves Tommy from getting into trouble with the police by visiting the delivery man he knocked over and removing the memories he has of Tommy.

The next day at school, Tommy is punched by Brad when he catches him staring at his girlfriend, Emily. Emily takes pity on Tommy and offers him a job at Moe's Ice Cream Parlor. Tommy accepts, and the two quickly become friends. While there, Tommy notices Luke Collins sitting at a table and recognizes him as a survivor of the church fire the previous night. Tommy approaches Luke and asks him what happened. They are immediately joined by Joanne, who shows Tommy her gun and tells him to step outside. Sensing that something is wrong, Emily follows them and calls out for Tommy. Joanne decides to kill them both, but before she can, Tommy teleports her gun away, then her and her husband. Knowing that Emily now knows he is an evo, Tommy runs away. Emily follows him in her car and tells him that his secret is safe with her.


Tommy and Emily sit in a gardening shed outside Pinehearst High School and discuss the workings of his ability. Tommy demonstrates it by teleporting away a flower in Emily's hand, but is seen by Brad. When Emily leaves, Brad confronts Tommy and tells him that he'll have to do something for him if he wants to keep his power a secret. Tommy agrees, so Brad takes him to his home and tells him to make his stepfather disappear. Tommy contemplates doing it but is ultimately unable to, choosing to flee the house instead. Caspar Abraham watches Tommy flee from inside his car and determines that something is wrong. Caspar walks up to Brad's house, gains the attention of Don, and then begins to remove his memories. When Brad gets back, he sees that his stepfather is missing and assumes that it was Tommy's doing. Eternally grateful to Tommy, Brad befriends him and leaves.

Later, at Moe's Ice Cream Parlor, Emily discovers the flower that Tommy made vanish inside a bucket of ice cream. She deduces that the things Tommy makes disappear go to wherever he is thinking of. She tells him this, and he agrees.

Under the Mask

Hoping to impress Emily, Tommy does pushups in his bedroom, but is caught by his mother. Anne jokingly asks him who the girl he is doing pushups for is, but he doesn't tell her. Anne notices that he is getting ready to go out. When she asks where, Tommy replies that he is going to Brad's to play videogames. Anne tells Tommy that he is staying inside because he doesn't like that he is lying to her, but Tommy teleports away nonetheless. Tommy spends the next few hours at Brad's party, but decides to leave early because he isn't too keen on beer. Emily follows him out, and Tommy offers to walk her home. Moments later, Tommy and Emily see Anne holding a gun to Caspar's neck, who has been watching Tommy from inside his car. Anne demands that Tommy get in her own car, and they both leave. Anne refuses to answer Tommy's questions, instead insisting that they have to leave Carbondale. They are suddenly hit by another car when Anne turns a corner.

The Needs of the Many

Tommy comes to in the overturned car and checks to see if his mother is okay. When he sees that she is injured, he teleports himself out of the car, and then his mother to a ‎hospital. Tommy later goes to the hospital himself to see how she is doing, and Emily and Brad meet him there. Dr. Lopez approaches them, and tells Tommy that Anne needs a blood transfusion, but that the hospital is short on blood matching her blood type. Tommy offers to donate his own blood, so Dr. Lopez takes a sample to have it tested to see if it is a match. Unfortunately, it is not, so Tommy has to teleport to a hospital in Indiana to get some. When he returns, Dr. Lopez tells him that his blood sample was entered into a federal database as soon as it was discovered that he is an evo. Tommy runs with Emily, but their escape is blocked by Agent Cutler, who tells Tommy that if he disappears, Anne will not get the transfusion she needs.

The Lion's Den

Tommy is registered into the ATF Evo Division database and injected with a tracker. He is then questioned by Agent Cutler, who asks him various details about his life, some of which Tommy doesn't even know. When Cutler accidentally reveals that Tommy is adopted, Tommy teleports away to tell Emily what he has learned. Before Cutler can pursue Tommy, Caspar Abraham arrives in his office and begins to extract Cutler's memories of Tommy. When Tommy tells Emily that Anne lied to him about him really being her son, Emily tells him that he has to give Anne a chance to explain. Following her advice, Tommy teleports to Anne's hospital bed and asks her why she lied to him. Anne tells him that, despite them not being related by blood, Tommy has always been her son and that will never change. Caspar Abraham arrives in the room, much to Anne's horror, and offers to answer a few of Tommy's questions. Tommy learns that Caspar has been following him for almost a year because he is destined to help save the world. Overwhelmed by this statement, Tommy teleports away.

Game Over

Tommy teleports into Emily's bedroom. Emily immediately asks him what he's discovered, but Tommy ignores the question and asks her if she wants to go somewhere instead. She agrees, so he teleports them both to the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. However, when they try to enter the tower, they find that the armed guards there are scanning for evos. Tommy submits himself to the scanning process and tries to reason with the guards that he is not dangerous, but he only aggravates them more when he accidentally threatens them. When one of the guards calls for backup, Tommy teleports Emily onto a nearby boat. Emily berates him for acting so foolishly. To explain his impulsive behavior, Tommy tells her that it is his supposed destiny to save the world. Emily sighs and tells him that she wants to show him something.

Emily takes Tommy to a nearby book stand, where she shows him Issue #31 of 9th Wonders! and encourages him to embrace his destiny, just like his favorite superheroes did. They notice that one of the characters on the cover looks like Tommy. Tommy tells Emily about the rumors that the artist of 9th Wonders! was an evo and that all of his drawings eventually came true. Tommy tells Emily that he is ready to go back now and he teleports them both back to her room.

Back in Emily's room, Emily removes the tracker in Tommy's arm, and Tommy teleports it to Antarctica. Tommy tells her how he feels when he's around her and they kiss.

At the same time, Malina rescues Luke Collins from an attempted suicide and tells him she's looking for someone who is supposed to help her save the world. Malina shows Luke the picture of the person who is revealed to be Tommy. Luke recognizes Tommy from his attempt to kill him and tells Malina that last he knew, Tommy was in Carbondale, Illinois. Luke agrees to help Malina find Tommy and the two take off together in search of him.

June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014, Claire Bennet dies giving birth to twins. Angela Petrelli informs Noah that according to one of her visions, one or both of Claire's children will be responsible for saving the world from the coming H.E.L.E.. To protect them and to make sure they have their abilities in time, Noah and Angela decide to protect them by having Hiro Nakamura take the children into the past. Angela names Claire's son Nathan after his grandfather and Noah names Claire's daughter Malina after his own mother. Hiro takes Angela and the children back to 1999 as they will be fifteen when the time comes, the age Claire got her ability. Noah plans to erase all security footage of their existence to help further protect them and realizes that Nathan and Malina's existence is the reason he had his memory erased: to protect them from Erica Kravid.

Shortly after the bombing, Tommy watches a news report on his computer when his mother comes in to tell him she will be back in an hour and celebrates his birthday with him with a cupcake. His mother tells him that its starting and Tommy promises her that he's ready that his father taught him everything he knows. Tommy's mother agrees and hugs him, calling him Nathan and revealing that Tommy is actually Claire's son.

June 13th, Part Two

Still being carried by Hiro, Nathan arrives in 1999 but in Odessa, Texas rather than Angela's home in Switzerland. Hiro attempts to teleport them to Switzerland but his powers fail to work. Noticing Hiro is still holding Nathan, Angela tells him not to come any closer and Hiro's failed powers are Nathan's fault. Angela explains that Nathan is a power absorber like his uncle and his great-grandfather. Nathan had taken Claire's power while in the womb which led to her dying in childbirth and has now taken Hiro's powers. Angela tells Hiro that Nathan and Malina have to be raised separately so that he won't accidentally take his sister's powers as well. Angela tells Hiro that she'll raise Malina while Hiro will raise Nathan and they must never run into their future or past selves. Angela leaves with Malina, leaving Nathan to be raised by Hiro. As Angela leaves, Hiro formally introduces himself to Nathan as the "former Master of Time and Space." Nathan cries and Hiro despairingly comments in Japanese that "he pooped."

In 2014, Noah tracks Hiro's power to a home in Odessa with the help of Molly Walker where he finds an older Hiro. Hiro explains how Nathan absorbed Claire's power, causing her death and later took Hiro's own power. Hiro tells Noah that Nathan can only keep one power at a time and as he has been kept separated from his sister, he still has Hiro's power which is what Molly tracked. Nathan enters the room and excitedly inquires in Japanese if Noah is the one they've been waiting for. After Hiro introduces him to his grandfather, Nathan hugs Noah, telling him he's been waiting a long time for him to come. Noah is stunned as he had held Nathan in his arms as a baby only hours before and now he's a teenager. The two joke about it a little with Noah telling Nathan he has Claire's smile. Hiro tells Noah he believes he was rescued from Evernow in order to raise Nathan who's mother Noah recognizes as the nurse who told Noah Claire is dead. After Hiro explains how he and Anne got married, she asks about how she thought they still had a year. Nathan tells his parents, Molly and Noah that if its time, he's ready to save the world. Noah tells Nathan that they have to keep him safe for another year first and he has to figure out a way back to the future. When Molly tells Noah that he's lost his ride, Hiro tells him "not necessarily" and looks at Nathan causing everyone to look at him. Before they can discuss things further, a Harris clone bursts in and holds a gun to Nathan's neck. Noah signals Nathan who teleports the Harris clone across the room, allowing Noah to safely shoot him. Realizing that Renautas is onto them, Noah asks Nathan to take him to warn Angela. Excited at the idea of meeting his great-grandmother, Nathan agrees to take Noah.

Nathan brings Noah to Angela's home in Switzerland where Nathan and Angela banter back and forth a little. Angela tells Nathan that she would've visited, but she's been busy with his sister. Spotting Malina nearby using her powers, Nathan is excited and asks to meet her. However, Angela tells Nathan that he can't get too close to Malina yet. As Angela walks off with Noah, Nathan stays behind and observes his sister from a distance. Angela tells Noah that her dreams about the H.E.L.E. show "fire raining down, blood everywhere and the twins saving the world under a clock tower in Odessa, its hands stuck at 11:53." When Noah comments that Erica Kravid has given up on humanity and wants to let the world burn, Angela tells him that Nathan and Malina have given them another way which Nathan overhears and tells Noah that they're going to save everyone. Angela proudly comments that Nathan really is a Petrelli and tells Noah that he is to stay in touch with Nathan and Hiro and she will make sure Malina makes her way to Nathan when the time is right. Angela then takes a picture of Nathan to help Malina find him when the time comes.

After Nathan and Noah leave, Angela tells Farah Nazan that Nathan and Malina must be brought together in Odessa when the time comes, but no sooner than that. Angela tells Farah that this is because there's something she hasn't had the heart to tell Malina about what she and Nathan must do.

That night, Nathan packs his bags as Noah asks Caspar Abraham to watch over him and keep anyone from remembering Nathan and Molly promises to watch over him remotely with her power. As Nathan enters the living room, Molly asks if Nathan can give her a head-start on Erica. Nathan agrees and teleports Molly to Chennai, India so she can tell Mohinder's mother the truth about him. Noah approaches Nathan who Hiro gives instructions to on transporting someone through time rather than space. Nathan tells Hiro he's got it and hugs Noah who promises to see Nathan in a year. Nathan then teleports Noah back to 2015 and tells Hiro "yatta."

Moments after Nathan returns Noah to his own time, a vehicle pulls up outside with three Harris's in it. Hiro tells Nathan that he has to take his mother and Caspar somewhere far away while Hiro remains behind to hold off Harris. Hiro tells Nathan that if he ever needs guidance, to read 9th Wonders! and gives him a copy of the comic that guided Hiro on his own heroic journey. Hiro suggests that someday it might do the same for Nathan as well. Nathan tearfully begs Hiro not to do this and refuses to leave him behind, but Hiro tells Nathan that he must as its Nathan's important destiny which Hiro was sworn to protect. At Hiro's command, Nathan reluctantly teleports away with his mother and Caspar.

Teleporting near a railroad track, Nathan insists on going back to save Hiro even though his mother tells him its too dangerous. Nathan refuses to be deterred and Anne desperately begs Caspar for help. Caspar tells Anne that he'll have to erase all of Nathan's memories of Hiro and he will only remember Anne. Caspar flips a penny to Nathan who catches it and his memory of Hiro is erased, leaving him confused as to where they are and how they got there. Anne grabs their bags and tells Nathan that she hears Denver is nice so they are now heading there. Nathan, still confused, follows his mother as she walks off.

In the present, Noah emerges from his teleport in mid-air outside the Renautas Research Division and tells Quentin Frady about Nathan and Malina, not knowing that Quentin is now working for Erica due to Noah's time meddling. Quentin then calls Erica and informs her that they are looking for teenage twins and that Noah will lead Renautas straight to Nathan and Malina.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Tommy walks down the streets of Carbondale, holding hands with Emily. Tommy tells Emily he's ready to hear the truth now and gives her a bracelet he'd seen her looking at while in Paris. After kissing Emily goodbye, Tommy teleports away.

At the hospital, Tommy watches a news report on the geomagnetic reversal occurring in the world and his mother tells him she was just trying to protect him by keeping the truth from him. Tommy assures her he's ready and she agrees and tells him she will now tell him the truth about who he is. Anne tells Tommy that he has more in common with his favorite 9th! Wonders character than he believes. Tommy, recognizing this as Hiro Nakamura asks if he has more powers in common with Hiro, but Anne tells him that he has exactly Hiro's power. Tommy doesn't believe it as he can't time travel like Hiro before Noah enters the room and tells Tommy that he can, calling him by his birth name of Nathan. Noah explains Tommy's history to him, telling Tommy that he needs to get Tommy and his sister to Odessa to save the world from the H.E.L.E. Tommy is completely overwhelmed and Noah sends him out of the room while he talks to Anne.

Outside, Tommy tries to get a chocolate bar from a vending machine, but it gets stuck. Quentin Frady approaches Tommy, telling Tommy that he's a hard man to find and its ironic that he can save the world but not get a bar of chocolate. Quentin helps Tommy get his chocolate bar and Tommy gets a call from Emily's phone and heads into the bathroom to take it. To Tommy's shock, its Joanne Collins on the other end of the phone and she tells him she has Emily at Moe's Ice Cream Parlor. Tommy quickly teleports out of the bathroom as Quentin enters to try to capture him.

Tommy teleports into Moe's and demands that Joanne let Emily and Caspar go. Caspar tells Tommy he's handling it and throws his briefcase of pennies at Joanne. However, Joanne shoots the briefcase and then kills Caspar. Tommy pleads with Joanne to spare Emily and he'll do whatever she wants, but Joanne tells him she's going to make Tommy watch as she kills Emily before killing him. As Joanne goes to shoot Emily, they are interrupted by Luke Collins. Tommy watches the confrontation between Joanne and Luke that ends with Joanne stating that she will kill Emily as Luke kills her. As Joanne fires at Emily and Luke shoots a stream of fire at Joanne, Tommy yells in horror before concentrating. To Tommy's amazement, he manages to freeze time. Still amazed by the scope of his abilities, Tommy redirects Luke's fire and Joanne's bullet before noticing a girl crouching in the corner of the ice cream parlor. Unaware that the girl is his sister, Tommy takes Emily and teleports away, causing time to unfreeze.

Tommy teleports himself and Emily outside of his mother's hospital room and Noah demands to know where he went. Tommy tells Noah that Caspar is dead at Moe's and they need to go back. Tommy tries to teleport them there, but finds that his powers aren't working. Noah tells him they need to get out of there and Tommy has the still-frightened Emily stay with his mother. As Noah and Tommy rush out of the hospital, the lights suddenly start to shatter and a woman appears with a ball of darkness in her hands. As Noah draws his gun and faces Phoebe, Quentin appears in front of Tommy and holds a gun on him. Quentin tells Noah that he's working with Renautas to save the world and orders him to drop his gun. Noah tells Quentin that Tommy is their only hope, but Quentin is aware that Tommy is also Noah's grandson and holds his gun to Tommy's head, threatening to kill him if Noah doesn't drop his gun. Noah reluctantly does so and Quentin drags Tommy away as he and Phoebe leave. As Tommy is dragged away, Noah promises to find him and that it'll be alright.

Tommy is taken to the Kravids' home where he meets Erica Kravid. Erica leads him to a table outside set up for dinner and she tells him that she knows his grandfather told him he's meant to save the world and she's there to tell him how he's going to do it.

11:53 to Odessa

Tommy wakes up in the Kravids' home to find that he has a strange scar on the back of his neck and his powers don't work. Erica enters the room and tells Tommy he's at her house and he passed out the night before so she had her doctors run tests on him to see what was wrong. Tommy realizes that the girl from the hospital with the shadow powers is nearby and blocking his powers and Erica tells him its a precaution until they trust each other. Tommy tells Erica he will never trust her and demands to know where his family is. Erica brings up how his mother didn't tell him the truth about who he was or about his destiny until the week before and how his grandfather didn't tell Tommy about how he used to work at Primatech with Caspar where they bagged and tagged evos. Tommy continues to demand to know about his family and Erica tells him that they're fine and to get dressed so they can talk downstairs.

In Erica's living room, she tells Tommy that she believes in science and data and he questions about the prophecy and the doomsday event she doesn't want him to stop. Erica tells him that the event is the reversal of the magnetic poles of the Earth and asks how that can be stopped. Erica tells Tommy that she has a way to start again after the H.E.L.E.: Hiro Nakamura created a space-time bridge between the present and the future where Renautas is building a colony, a place where mankind can start again after the Apocalypse. However, Noah had severed the link between the two time periods when he took Hiro from her. Tommy reminds Erica that Noah rescued Hiro who she was holding against her will and she tells him that she has scientists and engineers in the future who will be cut off if the bridge isn't reopened. Erica insists to Tommy that there's no way to stop the H.E.L.E. and if the bridge isn't reopened, mankind will go extinct. In response, Tommy demands that Erica show him so he can see for himself that she's telling the truth, stating that she needs to tell him where and when and he'll take them.

Tommy teleports himself, Erica, Phoebe and Quentin to the year 9972. To Tommy's horror, the world is a desert and everything is gone. Erica tells him that this is proof that he can't stop the H.E.L.E. and shows him the nearby city of Gateway where he can bring everyone to survive. As Tommy looks out upon the future, Erica tells him that the choice is his.

Erica leads Tommy on a tour of Gateway, showing him the place he will be transporting everyone to. Tommy tells her that its hard to believe that seven billion people will fit in the city, but Erica claims that its just the first of many that Tommy will fill with people they save. Erica eventually leads Tommy into a massive greenhouse where he is amazed by what he sees. Tommy asks Erica about the scar on his neck and she admits that she put him in a machine to try to steal his powers but that it didn't work as he's different. Erica tells Tommy that time travel is an incredible power and with the fate of the world in the balance, she made a call, leading them to where they are now. Tommy agrees to help and tells Erica not lie to him anymore. Erica agrees and Tommy asks that his family and friends be brought to the future too so they won't die in the H.E.L.E. which Erica is willing to do for him but tells him that first they need as much supplies and resources as they can transport to ensure that they have the best chance of survival.

On Erica's orders, Tommy teleports various people back to the present and she tells him that she's going to have him send Quentin and Phoebe back too. Tommy is surprised that she's not worried that he won't leave her behind, but she feels they trust each other enough now. Tommy sends the Frady siblings back and Erica tells him they will bring everyone to the future soon. As they talk, Miko Otomo drops from the celling and attacks the guards. Miko tells a shocked Tommy she's there to free him, calling Tommy the Master of Time and Space. Tommy grabs Miko and teleports away as Erica watches on, shocked.

Send in the Clones

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Company Woman

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Project Reborn

Tommy tries to find his way through Evernow's maze-like Eternal Fortress. As he does, a cable connects to his neck, allowing Erica to tap into his powers and transport everyone in Gateway 7,957 years into the future. Afterwards, the cable disconnects, dropping Tommy hard to the floor. Tommy continues to make his way through the Fortress where he encounters another Tommy who tells Tommy he can split himself in two and that in the Fortress, time is a circle and he can view his memories. On the Fortress walls, Tommy sees many things including his mother revealing evos to the world, Hiro saying goodbye to him and what happened seven years before when he was taken to Primatech. Tommy witnesses Angela Petrelli testing his and Malina's combined abilities, resulting in some apparent problems before an energy beam shoots into the air. Tommy then runs into his past self, but before he can continue the cycle, he hears Miko and Ren talking outside the Fortress and makes his way to the exit. Ren opens the Fortress, freeing Tommy who acknowledges Miko's salute before returning to the real world.

In the real world, Tommy finds himself, Ren, Emily, his mother, Hachiro, and the real Miko Otomo held at gunpoint by Erica and her men. Tommy points out that he can just freeze time to stop her, but Erica tells him that if he changes the past, the future they are in now will be erased along with the thousands of people he transported there, including his mother and girlfriend. Erica tells him he has to choose which world to save as he can't save both and Tommy, telling Erica his name is Nathan, states that he can split himself in two, something he learned due to having "an eternity" to practice his powers within Evernow. Erica tries to shoot Tommy, but he freezes time and successfully splits himself in two. With a smile at each other, one Tommy transports himself to the present while the other remains in the future.

The Tommy in the future begins teleporting everyone in the room to the present, sending Emily back with a kiss. When only Erica is left, Tommy uses the Kensei sword to cut off her transportation watch before seating himself in the control chair for the space-time bridge. Tommy unfreezes time and mockingly salutes Erica before activating the bridge and sending everyone but Erica back to the present. After activating the bridge, the second Tommy merges himself with the other Tommy.

The other Tommy teleports to Gateway in Odessa where time is frozen and Malina is unsuccessfully attempting to stop the H.E.L.E. Tommy unfreezes time and takes Malina's hand, but they are unable to control the power boost. Tommy then travels back in time seven years where he witnesses Angela testing his and Malina's powers. Tommy learns that for their ability to combine their powers to work properly, they need a conduit to channel the power through. However, that conduit will die in the process. Tommy then travels to two days before the present and rescues Noah Bennet from death, transporting him back to see the testing. Afterwards, Tommy explains that he tried "a thousand times" to stop the H.E.L.E. with just Malina and failed so he did what Hiro taught him and followed "the tiniest thread, the smallest butterfly" which led him to Noah as the key to saving the world. Even though he knows he will die doing it, Noah orders Tommy to take him to the present to save the world.

Tommy and Noah return to the present where Malina struggles to hold back the H.E.L.E. Though Tommy is reluctant to sacrifice Noah, Noah tells him that this is his destiny and extends his hand to his grandson. With no other choice, Tommy and Malina take Noah's hands and use him as a conduit to channel Malina's boosted power into the H.E.L.E. With Tommy boosting her power and Noah channeling it, Malina is able to shield the Earth from the H.E.L.E. and save the world. Afterwards, Tommy and Malina find Noah near death and he tells them he's proud of them before dying, leaving Tommy and Malina crying over his body.

Three months later, Tommy remains in a relationship with Emily and continues to work at Moe's Ice Cream Parlor. After making an origami crane for Emily, Tommy finds a tarot card on a table, a card that Angela tells Malina means Tommy's father is coming for him and his sister and no one can protect them this time.

Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Heroes Reborn App

After the Heroes Reborn app was released, a video summary of Tommy's history was provided. The summary included:

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