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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Amy Smithson

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Amy Smithson
First mentioned Mirror
In-story stats
Known ability Hydrokinesis (lost)
Date of death 1988
Significant other Matthew Smithson
Child Chandler Smithson

Amy Smithson was a woman with the ability to manipulate water. In Noh's Apprentice, she is the protaganist's mother, and the earliest known victim of Lord Noh.

Character History


Chandler remembers an event in his early years when Lord Noh killed his mother.


Matthew explains to Chandler an event in 1988, when Lord Noh came to recruit Amy and Matthew into his "brotherhood". When they refused, Lord Noh stole their abilites and broke Amy's neck, killing her.

Turning Point

As the Chicago Police Department investigates Lord Noh's "Congregation", Matthew is interrogated and arrested for accessory to murder. Amy's murder is cited as a motive for Matthew's alleged crime.

Noh's Apprentice edit
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