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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Two

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The Bank
Volume: One
Chapter: Two
First aired: April 12, 2010
First Federal Bank of New York.jpg
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: My Life
Next chapter: Déjà Vu
Here I am – chased and beaten. A .50 caliber bullet is lingering an inch from my head. This is my final moment to reflect. I ask myself, “How did I get here?”


  • In the final moments of his life, Chandler remembers his first encounter with his murderers.
    • Six weeks earlier, Chandler has an interesting experience in a bank.
    • The mysterious Lord Noh tests his apprentice to see if he is ready to succeed him.

Story Development

Chicago National Bank · Flight · Elizabeth Castle


Six weeks ago, Chandler walks into the Chicago National Bank to open a safety deposit box.

Lord Noh and his apprentice hover several yards above the bank.
The apprentice asks, “Father, how many more tests do I have to pass?!”
Lord Noh says, “Your training is almost complete, Pyro. You have two tests left.”
Pyro yells, “Two?! Haven’t I been through enough?”
Lord Noh responds, “No! Don’t be ungrateful! You aren’t ready to replace me. I’m Lord Noh, for Pete’s sake! You aren’t ready to lead the Congregation.”
Pyro sighs. “What are the tests?”
Lord Noh instructs him, “The first one is to rob this bank. Use whatever means necessary. One condition: Don’t get caught.”

Chandler gets to the front of the line and is about to tell the clerk what he wants to do. She smiles and says, "Chandler is that you?"
Chandler asks, "Do I know you?"
The clerk answers, "It's Elizabeth Castle. We were in history together in our senior year."
Chandler says, "Oh, yeah, how have you been?"
Elizabeth says, ”Good, I just moved here. Maybe we could get coffee sometime…I’m sorry, what did you come here to do?”

Just as Chandler is about to says, Pyro walks through the door and yells, "Everybody on the ground!!!" He then blasts flames at the people in the bank, scaring them and making them cower to the ground. Pyro walks to the safe and uses a controlled blast to melt the lock off. Chandler says that he has to do something about this. He grabs his sidearm and runs up to arrest Pyro. Pyro sees him out of the corner of his eye and lights Chandler on fire...

To be continued...

Character Appearances

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