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  • Four weeks ago:
    • Chandler goes on vacation to visit his family.
    • Pyro begins his final test, with the help of Dredger. Dredger has other plans.

Story Development

The Chase
Volume: One
Chapter: Four
First aired: May 17, 2010
Powers Flint blue pyrokinesis.jpg
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: Déjà Vu
Next chapter: Blood
Bill · Chandler's father · Mass manipulation


Four weeks ago, Chandler drives his car on a trip to visit his family in Florida. He stops at a gas station. After he fills up the gas tank, he goes inside to get sodas and beef jerky. He sees a black Humvee coming towards him and jumps out of the way. It crashes into a small car near him.

Pyro and Dredger exit the Humvee. Pyro throws flames at Chandler, but Chandler picks up a car as a shield. He then throws the car at Pyro. Dredger grows and blocks the car. He enlarges his muscles and attacks Chandler. Chandler fights him with enhanced strength, speed, and agility. He kicks Dredger and breaks his knees. Pyro uses a new aspect of pyrokinesis, spontaneous combustion, to fight off Chandler and save Dredger.

Still healing from the burns, Chandler runs to his car. He drives into Dredger and then flees. Dredger shifts to heal his injuries. Pyro and Dredger hop in the car and chase after Chandler. Pyro sideswipes Chandler's car and tries to light the fuel tank on fire. Chandler registers his displeasure, shoots Pyro's tires with his sidearm and escapes.

Meanwhile, Lord Noh flies to the gas station. An attendant complains and says he will call the police. Noh holds the man's mouth shut and calls Dredger on his phone, saying, "Did you get him?"

Dredger answers, "No."

Noh says, "Call in the cavalry and fight him. Whatever you do, don't kill him. Stand down. You know where to meet me after the battle."

"Yes, sir."

Noh crushes the gas station, attendants, and customers to eliminate the witnesses and evidence.

Chandler pulls out his phone and calls his father, saying, "Dad, I don't think I'm gonna make it for dinner."

To be continued...

Memorable Quotes

"Aw, come on. I just got a new paint job!"

- Chandler (as Pyro blasts his car with flames)

Character Appearances

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