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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Three

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Déjà Vu
Volume: One
Chapter: Three
First aired: May 10, 2010
Powers dl fiery rescue.jpg
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: The Bank
Next chapter: The Chase
Here I am with this bullet lingering an inch from my skull. I am one inch away from death. I think to myself, "Haven't I been here before?" I remember -- I have.


  • In the final moments of his life, Chandler remembers his first experience with death.
    • Six weeks ago, Chandler burns.
    • Pyro struggles to complete his final tests.

Story Development

Dredger · Healing factor


Six weeks ago, Chandler is lit on fire in the bank. He tries to "stop, drop, and roll" but it is too late. He burns to death.

Pyro grabs the cash in the safe and throws it in a bag he brought with him. As he is about to leave, he sees Elizabeth dialing 911. He holds out his hand to burn her. She gets scared and closes her eyes. Just as the flames start to come out, someone extinguishes them. They then knock Pyro unconscious with the fire extinguisher.

Elizabeth opens her eyes. It was Chandler. He regenerated. He goes and grabs his sidearm, which is nearly melted from the flames.
Elizabeth asks, "Are you a cop?"
Chandler answers, "Rookie."


Lord Noh walks in. He thinks to himself, Pyro, you failed me. He thrusts his cane through Chandler's heart. Chandler regenerates and pulls the cane out. He tries to shoot Noh with his gun, but the barrel is fused shut. He grabs a stapler and throws it at Noh, which suprisingly causes Noh to fall. Noh telekinetically grabs Chandler by the throat, but Chandler's enhanced strength allows him to break free of the hold.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth dials 911 and tells the police the emergency. She sneaks out the back door and flees in her car.

Lord Noh telekinetically shatters the windows and tries to kill Chandler with the glass. Chandler runs up and knocks Noh unconscious with an uppercut. Chandler and all the other hostages run. Chandler gets in his car and starts to drive to the police station.

When Noh and his apprentice wake up, Noh gets an idea. He tells Pyro, "Your final test is to bring him to me, alive." Pyro starts running.

Lord Noh pulls out his cell phone and calls someone. The man on the other end answers, "Hello?" Lord Noh says, "Dredger, Pyro’s going to ask for your help. I’m going to call in a favor: Go with him, but I need you to sabotage him. Can you do that?" Dredger answers, "Yes, sir. "

To be continued…

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