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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Six

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  • Three weeks ago, Noh and Dredger's motive is revealed.
  • Another character dies as the mythology meets a new element years ago.

Story Development

Volume: One
Chapter: Six
First aired: May 31, 2010
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: Blood
Next chapter: Truth
Chandler's mother · Hydrokinesis


Three weeks ago, Lord Noh walks into a dark basement. He switches on the light. Chandler is chained with four sets of handcuffs to a steel chair. Below him is a puddle of blood. Dredger is punching him repeatedly. He says, "We know the Chicago PD are investigating us. Who is the lead detective? You tell us, we let you go." Chandler answers weakly, "I don't know who you are or what you did. If you just let me go, I won't say a word."

Noh speaks up, "You see, I don't believe you. I believe you'll be quiet -- it took Pyro and his buddies two weeks to catch you (You don't make a lot of phone calls). No, what I don't buy is your ignorance. Tell me the lead detective, now!!!" Chandler answers with, "F--k you!"

Noh tips the chair over, crushing Chandler's hands. He throws a rag over his face, and says, "I got this one from your mom." Chandler suddenly feels like he is drowning. As Lord Noh hydrokinetically waterboards him, Chandler remembers an event from when he was very young:

I was in my mother's arms. She answers a knock at the door. A man asks her questions. Conflict follows. Mother hands me over to my father. He runs. My mother falls on the ground, dead. The man turns around -- Noh.

Chandler comes back to reality furious. He uses his broken hands to his advantage and rips them out of the handcuffs. He punches Noh repeatedly and knocks him unconscious. Dredger pulls Chandler away and throws him into a brick wall. Chandler grabs Dredger and throws him through the wall. He walks through the hole. When Chandler tries to punch Dredger, Dredger shrinks. Chandler yells, "This is getting old!" He uses his enhanced senses to spot Dredger and stomp on him.

Chandler goes back to arrest Lord Noh, but he is gone. Chandler torches the place, hesitates, and continues on his trip.

To be continued...

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