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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Five

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  • Four weeks ago, Chandler must fight for his life when Pyro "calls in the cavalry".
    • Pyro and friends attempt to capture Chandler, dead or alive.
    • Lord Noh and Dredger continue a mysterious sabotage.

Story Development

Volume: One
Chapter: Five
First aired: May 24, 2010
Mohinder in Central Park.jpg
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: The Chase
Next chapter: Mirror
Ability apsorption · Aerokinesis · Flyer · Jimmy · Space-time manipulation · Terrakinesis · Terrakinetic


Four weeks ago, Chandler drives his totalled car away from Pyro and his friends. Two men are flying above. Suddenly, the road explodes upward, flipping the car into the woods.

Chandler rips the door off the car and gets out. A man covered in rocks runs up and attacks Chandler. Chandler punches him, but this just shatters his hand. So Chandler runs. He evades Pyro's flames and jumps several hundred feet to someone's backyard, crashing into their fence. He leaps to their second-floor deck and aims his gun. An aerokinetic flies at Chandler, blasting him with air. Chandler fires.

Jimmy flies away back into the woods, but falls. He holds the bullet wound on his stomach to stop the bleeding. Dredger walks up with Lord Noh. Jimmy asks if Noh could take the bullet out. Noh grabs Jimmy's arm. Thinking he is healed, Jimmy tries to fly away. He cannot. He yells, "What did you do?!" Noh telekinetically breaks his neck. He says, "You don't have that power anymore. I have it."

Chandler sees a man flying toward him and shoots him in the head.

The terrakinetic runs up to attack Chandler. Lord Noh telekinetically stops him and absorbs his power. The rocks crush him to death.

Dredger grows to be fifteen feet tall. He lunges at Chandler, but Chandler fires seven times. Dredger shrinks and evades the bullets. Lord Noh freezes time and teleports behind Chandler. Noh grabs him and they teleport away, just as Pyro finally catches up with the group.

To be continued...

Character Appearances


  • This chapter was originally to be titled "The Battle", but Boycool changed it to "Blood", stating "I got tired of putting 'the' in every title."

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