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Chandler Smithson
Chandler Smithson.jpg
First appearance My Life
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced physicality
Occupations Noh's apprentice,
Former police officer
Parents Amy Smithson (mother, deceased),
Matthew Smithson (father),
Mrs. Smithson (stepmother)
Sibling Sarah Smithson (half-sister)

Chandler Smithson is a superhuman who can enhance his physical attributes to the peak of human potential. He is the main protagonist of Noh's Apprentice.


My Life

Chandler is running from two men. He rips a bicycle off of the stop sign it was chained to and wields it as a weapon. He reaches a house and jumps in the window. The men walk in. One man shoots at him. Suddenly, Chandler's life flashes before his eyes.

Six weeks ago, Chandler walks into a bank.

The Bank

Six weeks ago, Chandler goes to Chicago National Bank to open a safety deposit box. He meets an old classmate and they talk. Pyro comes in to rob the bank. Chandler walks up with his sidearm to arrest Pyro, but Pyro lights Chandler on fire.

Déjà Vu

Six weeks ago, Chandler burns to death. When Pyro attempts to burn Elizabeth, Chandler is revealed to have regenerated. He extinguishes Pyro and knocks him unconscious. He reveals to Elizabeth that he is a rookie policeman. He regenerates from Lord Noh's attack and manages to break free of a telekinetic hold. Chandler flees in his car.

The Chase

Four weeks ago, Chandler goes on vacation to visit his family in Florida. He is attacked by Pyro and Dredger at a gas station. He manages to evade them with his ability and sidearm. He calls his father and tells him he will not make it for dinner.


Four weeks ago, Chandler runs to a forest to evade Pyro and his friends. He uses his ability and sidearm to defeat many of them, even killing one with a headshot. In the end, Lord Noh sneaks up on Chandler and kidnaps him.


Three weeks ago, Chandler is being tortured in a basement by Lord Noh and Dredger. They claim that the Chicago Police Department is investigating them and demand the name of the lead detective. When Chandler refuses to tell them, Noh starts waterboarding him. Chandler remembers how many years ago Noh killed his mother.

He comes back to reality furious, and escapes his binds at the expense of his hands. He murders Dredger, but when he goes to arrest Noh, Noh has already escaped. Chandler torches the place and continues on his trip.


Three weeks ago, Chandler finally reaches his family in Pensacola, Florida. He explains his absence as being busy with a case. After eating dinner, his father explains to him how his mother died in 1988.

Pyro somehow appears on all the screens in the house, telling Chandler they need to talk.

Turning Point

Two weeks ago, Chandler is interrogated by Lieutenant Caine in an investigation Lord Noh's cult, the "Congregation". Chandler is threatened with a large amount of physical evidence which could lead to the death penalty, but he refuses to talk.


Ten days ago, Chandler and the other prisons are being transported for their protection from Lord Noh. Chandler and Pyro cause a diversion, allowing Matthew, Elizabeth, and Pyro to escape, and Pyro to destroy the evidence against them.

36 hours ago, Chandler talks to Caine in prison and negotiates full immunity for Matthew and Elizabeth. He tells Caine everything he knows about the "Congregation", leading Caine to Laug Wolfe. Caine takes Chandler into his custody to arrest Wolfe. However, Wolfe rigs his apartment to explode, and Chandler manages to escape.

Two hours ago, Chandler receives a phone call from Pyro telling him that Noh has taken Elizabeth hostage.


When Pyro shoots at Chandler's head, Lord Noh intervenes and kills Pyro with it. Chandler agrees to become Noh's apprentice in exchange for Elizabeth's safety. Noh and Chandler teleport away.

Superhuman Abilities

Chandler's physical attributes are enhanced to the peak of human potential. Aspects of these are a regenerative healing factor along with superhuman senses, strength, agility, stamina, reflexes and longevity.

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