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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Seven

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  • Three weeks ago, Chandler visits his family and seeks refuge from Lord Noh.
  • Chandler's father presents him with a shocking revelation.
  • Another character returns with a vengeance.

Story Development

Volume: One
Chapter: Seven
First aired: June 7, 2010
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: Mirror
Next chapter: Turning Point
Amy Smithson · Mrs. Smithson · Sarah Smithson · Lord Noh's victims · 1988


Three weeks ago, Chandler arrives in Pensacola, Florida. He exits his taxi cab and pays the driver. He walks a short distance to the front door of his family's house. His father opens it and says, "Look who finally made it!" Chandler reminds his father how busy he was with his last "case". Matthew asks where his car is, and Chandler untruthfully says it in the shop. Sarah comes to hug her brother, and Mrs. Smithson asks Chandler what he thinks of their new house. He says, "It's nice." Mrs. Smithson tells Chandler, "Dinner's almost ready. Why don't you go drop your bag in the guest room and wash up?"

Chandler and Mrs. Smithson are washing the dishes after dinner. Sarah calls her mother to tuck her in to bed. While Chandler continues washing dishes, Matthew walks in. Chandler asks what his mother was like. Matthew answers by saying, "Don't get me wrong -- I love my wife, but I miss Amy every day." Chandler asks how she died.

Matthew says, "You know how she died! It was a car accident."

Chandler asks, "Is that the truth?"

Matthew pauses and then asks, "Do have an," he pauses, "ability? What, something like telepathy? Lie detection?"

Chandler answers, "With my ability I'm like...Wolverine without the claws."

Matthew continues, "I had an ability once. I could mess with time like Back to the Future." Chandler asks what happened to it.

Matthew flashes back 25 years and answers, "It was 1988. You weren't very old. Amy was rocking you trying to get you to go back to sleep. I was just waking up. I was walking over to help. Then some guy walks up to the door, talking about how we can use our abilities to better the world. Amy started freaking out, because specials hadn't been outed yet. The man said he had some brotherhood he wanted us to join. We declined and Amy started to shut the door, but he walked in. 'I insist. At least try it, for me. I insist.' Amy again politely declined, and handed you over to me. The man lunged at her, so she used her ability to blast him with water from our sink. It didn't do anything to him. He just threw her into the window. He walked over to her and it looked like he absorbed something. Then he broke her neck. He turned to me, and it was the first time I saw his face. I'll never forget the face. He walked over to me, so I froze time. He just kept on walking. He said, 'Oh, that old trick.' And then he took it from me. He just knocked me out and walked away."

Chandler sees tears in Matthew's eyes. He says, "I'm so sorry." Matthew asks, "Is this what that case was on?" Seeing an easy explanation to his absence, Chandler answers, "Yes." Suddenly, the TV, computer, and Matthew and Chandler's phones have one image -- Pyro. He says, "Chandler, we need to talk."

To be continued...

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