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First appearance My Life
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Formal name Xander Cage
Date of death Post-2013
Occupation Formerly Noh's apprentice

Xander Cage a.k.a. Pyro was a superhuman who could create and manipulate fire. He was the secondary antagonist and titular character of Noh's Apprentice.


My Life

Pyro is one of the men chasing Chandler. When Chandler jumps into a house, Pyro attempts to burn him, but Chandler dodges the flames. Pyro is is unable to harm Chandler, so he shoots him. Suddenly, Chandler's life flashes before his eyes.

The Bank

Six weeks ago, Pyro is told that he has two final tests. The first one is to rob Chicago National Bank without getting caught. Pyro enters the bank and scares everyone to the ground with fire. He uses a controlled blast of flame to burn the lock off of safe. Chandler walks up to arrest him, but Pyro catches him and lights him on fire.

Déjà Vu

Six weeks ago, Pyro walks over to kill a bank employee when she starts to dial 911. He is knocked unconscious by Chandler. When he comes to, Lord Noh tells him his final test is to capture Chandler. Pyro starts chasing after him.

The Chase

Four weeks ago, Pyro and Dredger track Chandler to a gas station. When Chandler and Dredger engage in a fight, Pyro fights Chandler off with spontaneous combustion. Chandler manages to evade them with his ability and sidearm.


Four weeks ago, Pyro and friends attack Chandler. However, all the friends are killed by Chandler, saboteur Dredger, and mastermind Lord Noh, who kidnaps Chandler.


Three weeks ago, Pyro appears on every screen in the Smithson's house, telling Chandler they need to talk.

Turning Point

Two weeks ago, Chandler and his father are interrogated about the half-hour video conference they had with Pyro, a known fugitive. In the end, Pyro turns himself in to the Chicago Police Department as Xander Cage and admits to committing armed robbery.


Two weeks ago, Pyro agrees to testify against Noh for immunity from his crimes.

However, ten days ago, he works with Chandler to escape while being transported to a WITSEC facility. He burns all the evidence against Chandler, Elizabeth, Matthew, and himself.

Two hours ago, Pyro calls Chandler on the phone and alerts him that Noh has taken Elizabeth hostage. Meanwhile, Noh informs Pyro that they will attack and kill Chandler from behind when he attempts to save Elizabeth.


Noh steals Pyro's ability and orders him to shoot Chandler. Pyro shoots at his head, but Noh intervenes. He appoints Chandler to replace Pyro as apprentice, and thrusts the bullet through Pyro's head.


Pyro could create and manipulate fire.

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