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Story Development

Volume: One
Chapter: Ten
First aired: June 25, 2010
Telekinesis in Tabula Rasa (3).JPG
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: Countdown
Lord Noh’s cane


  • Chandler reflects on the final moments of his life, providing information and conclusion on the events that led to his death. However, he discovers his fate might be different than he thought.


In the near future, Chandler Smithson is sprinting through the suburbs out of Chicago, IL. It is in the middle of a rainy night and pitch black outside. He finds a bicycle chained to a stop sign, rips it from the chains, and starts to ride it.

Lord Noh and Pyro trail behind Chandler to surprise attack him.

Chandler hits a curb and falls off the bicycle. When Noh catches up with him, Chandler wields the bicycle as a weapon and whacks him several yards. Chandler, carrying the mangled bicycle, runs and climbs up the outside wall of Elizabeth's house. He tosses the bicycle and jumps through the window, just dodging a blast of flames.

Chandler stands in the house, breathing heavily. The bedroom door blasts in. Chandler says, "What do you want with me?" Noh limps in with his metal cane while Pyro walks in and holds out his hand to use his power, knowing Chandler would survive the flames. He finds that he is unable to do anything. He yells, "What did you do?!" At Noh's order he pulls out a handgun, aims at Chandler’s head, hesitates, and pulls the trigger!

End of Reflection.png

Volume Two: Regret

Chandler flinches and closes his eyes. When he opens them, time has stopped, the bullet lingering inches away from his head. Noh walks over to him and says, "You think you're smarter than me? You think I haven't caught on to your plan? The fact you're working with Pyro?"

"All I want is to be safe."

"Chandler, you'll always be safe. Why do you think I haven't killed you yet? I need you. Sure, pyrokinesis is great in an apprentice, but immortality? You have ten times Pyro's potential and one hundred times as long to get the hang of being a leader. You will be safe forever if you just come with me." There is a moment of awkward silence. Noh asks, "Or would you prefer I just killed the girl?"

"Let Elizabeth go."

Noh lets time continue, and holds the bullet in the air. He tells Chandler, "She's in the closet." Chandler walks over and finds her tied up in the closet. He releases her and tells her, "Go. Get out of here." She hugs him and runs. Chandler walks over to Noh. "Okay. What now...Master?"

Pyro starts screaming, "No! Chandler, what about our plan? Noh is evil incarnate!" He turns to Noh and yells, "Where is my power?!" Noh answers, "I took it."

Pyro yells, "You treated me like a son! You said I would be the new leader! You said I could replace you! I thought I was your apprentice!"

Noh calmy says, "You're fired," before thrusting the bullet through Pyro's skull. Pyro's body falls to the ground, and a pool of blood forms around his head.

The master and his new apprentice exit the house. Noh demolishes the house. The master and the apprentice teleport away.

To be continued...

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