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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Volume One/Chapter Eight

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  • Two weeks ago, Chandler returns to reality with a shocking dilemma.
  • Pyro prepares to double-cross Lord Noh.
  • A new character appears with a mysterious vendetta.

Story Development

Turning Point
Volume: One
Chapter: Eight
First aired: June 14, 2010
Another theory Hysterical Blindness.JPG
Written by: Boycool
Previous chapter: Truth
Next chapter: Countdown
Lieutenant Caine · Chicago Police Department · Laug Wolfe


Two weeks ago, a man walks into a dimly lit room. "'Lord Noh', leader of a cult he calls the 'Congregation'. Prime suspect in more than two dozen homicide cases. Very powerful superhuman, but getting old. He's training an apprentice known as Pyro to succeed him as leader of the Congregation. Ready to talk, Officer Smithson?"

Chandler tries to look the man in the eyes, but can't due to the lamp shining in his face. "Good morning, Lieutenant Caine."

Caine continues, "No? Nothing? You see, I have your blood all over a crime scene, along with 19 bodies. We found your Camaro wrapped around a tree seven miles away, and what's near it? More bodies, two shot with your SIG. We even found your DNA all over an arson site. I have enough evidence to destroy your career; if I wanted to, I could get a needle in your arm. But if you're willing to cooperate..."

Chandler remains silent.

"We know that Noh's apprentice contacted you one week ago. An analyst has told me Pyro had a 30-minute video conference with you. If you just tell me what he said, this can all be over. You can return to your job here with Chicago's finest. Last chance."


"That's it, officer. I will end you."

Chandler speaks up, "Good luck with that."

Meanwhile, Lord Noh teleports into a hallway in an apartment complex, and knocks on the door of room 042. A young man opens the door and says, "Welcome." He allows Noh in, and they walk past several computers. Noh asks Laug if he helped Pyro two weeks earlier, and Laug confirms that he did. Noh calls in a favor.

Back at the Chicago Police Department, Lieutenant Caine walks into another interrogation room. He sits down opposite Elizabeth Castle. "Good morning, Ms. Castle." She answers, "Good morning." "What would you like to tell us about the event last month?" "What event?" "The bank robbery. I was thinking, maybe it was an inside job. To make matters worse, I have video footage of you coming in contact with three murder suspects. Tell me, Ms. Castle, what do you know?"

"Am I under arrest?"


"So I can just leave?"

"Sure..." When Elizabeth starts to leave, Caine grabs her by the arm and finishes, "...Unless we arrest you for something."

Elizabeth sits down and says, "I would like to have my attorney present."

While Elizabeth waits for an attorney to arrive, Lieutenant Caine moves on to the next interrogation room. "Hello, Mr. Smithson, I'd like to talk to you about what happened last week." Awkard silence. Caine continues, "You see, my analyst found that a half-hour video conference took place at your house with a fugitive suspected of armed robbery and multiple homicides. But, as I dig deeper, I discover that this man has connections with, not only your son, but the man that murdered your wife."

Mr. Smithson asks, "What do you want to know?"

Lieutenant Caine begins, "I know that your son is connected to multiple superpowered fugitives, two-dozen homicides, and a case of arson. But, we have video footage of your son fighting said fugitives. Now, I know you're powerless, but your son is, to say the least, not. I'm beginning to think you sent your son to get revenge on the man that murdered your wife, and he got a little sucked into the plot. If so, I could pin you for accessory to murder. Now, what did Pyro say on the video conference?"

Matthew retaliates, "He's a supervillain! What do you think he said? He monologued about how smart he was, and how inferior we were, and how he was going to destroy us!" Awkward silence. "If you aren't going to arrest me, I'd like to leave." Caine handcuffs him and says, "Mr. Smithson, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"

Meanwhile, Pyro walks into the building and introduces himself, "My name is Xander Cage, and I committed armed robbery of the Chicago National Bank."

To be continued...

Character Appearances


  • This chapter reveals Pyro's name: Xander Cage.
  • This chapter reveals the investigation of Lord Noh mentioned in Mirror.

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