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User:Boycool42/Noh's Apprentice/Elizabeth Castle

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Elizabeth Castle
Elizabeth Castle.jpg
Portrayed by Rachel McAdams
First appearance The Bank
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Bank teller

Elizabeth Castle is the secondary protagonist of Noh's Apprentice. She was in high school with Chandler. She was also a teller at the Chicago National Bank when it was robbed.


The Bank

Elizabeth talks to Chandler. She explains that she just moved to town. When she asks him if they should go for coffee sometime, Pyro robs the bank. She gets on the ground.

Déjà Vu

Elizabeth is saved from Pyro's flames by Chandler. She calls the police and flees in her car.

Turning Point

One month later, Lieutenant Caine of the Chicago Police Department interrogates Elizabeth about the bank robbery, suggesting it was an inside job. He admits that he hasn't arrested her, so she begins to exit the building. When he says he could still arrest her, she requests an attorney.


After threats from Lord Noh, Lieutenant Caine prepares to transport Elizabeth to a secure location. Chandler and Pyro cause a diversion, and Elizabeth manages to escape.

Later, Chandler negotiates with Caine and Elizabeth receives full immunity, but Noh takes her hostage in her own home.


Noh releases Elizabeth in exchange for Chandler. He then destroys her house.

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