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Powers Doyle shut the door, keep out the devil.jpg
Held by: Lord Noh
Ability to: Move objects with the mind

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind.


  • Lord Noh is the only character to demonstrate this ability.


Noh has shown extreme control and power with telekinesis. He has enough control to hold a man's mouth shut, and enough power to kill 19 people at once.


  • Noh blasts a bedroom door in to catch up with Chandler (My Life).
  • Noh uses telekinesis to allow Pyro to hover with him. (The Bank).
  • Noh telekinetically impales Chandler with his cane. Then he puts Chandler in a telekinetic hold. (Déjà Vu).
  • Noh telekinetically holds a man's mouth shut. He then destroys a gas station, employees, and customers. (The Chase).
  • Noh telekinetically breaks a man's neck. He later puts someone else in a telekinetic hold. (Blood)
  • Noh tips Chandler's chair over. (Mirror)
  • Noh throws a woman into a window. (Truth)
  • Noh opens a bedroom door. Then he stops a bullet fired at Chandler's head, and redirects it through Pyro's skull. (Reflection)

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