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Lord Noh's victims
Sylar shards levitation.jpg
Lord Noh sends glass flying into Chandler.

First occurrence: Déjà Vu

By using his various abilities, Lord Noh has been responsible for the deaths or injuries of the following victims.

List of Victims


Other Victims

  • Elizabeth Castle -- Noh kidnaps Elizabeth for bait against Chandler Smithson (Countdown). He then precedes to destroy her house. (Reflection)
  • Chandler Smithson -- Noh kills his mother (Mirror, Truth), thrusts a cane through his heart, cuts him with glass (Déjà Vu), orchestrates an attack against him (The Chase, Blood), and tortures him (Mirror). In Mirror, it was revealed that all harm done to Chandler himself was to gain information about an investigation the Chicago Police Department was doing on Lord Noh. Noh later threatened Chandler, and had Laug Wolfe blow him up. (Countdown)
  • Matthew Smithson -- Noh widows him, steals his ability, and knocks him unconscious (Truth). Noh later threatens to kill him due to his involvement in the "Congregation" investigation. (Countdown)

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