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Lord Noh
Lord Noh.jpg
First appearance My Life
In-story stats
Known abilities Ability absorption
Absorbed Abilities:
Space-time manipulation,
Formal name Unknown

"Lord Noh" is a superhuman who can steal the abilities of others. He is the main antagonist of Noh's Apprentice.


My Life

Lord Noh is one of the men chasing Chandler. Chandler picks up a bicycle and whacks him with it. Noh goes flying several yards. Noh chases him to a room in a house and forces the bedroom door in. Noh's apprentice is unable to harm Chandler, so he shoots him. Suddenly, Chandler's life flashes before his eyes.

The Bank

Lord Noh tells his apprentice that there are only two more tests. The first is to rob a bank.

Déjà Vu

Lord Noh comes in to rescue Pyro. His telekinetic attacks prove are pointless against Chandler's ability. Chandler knocks him out with a stapler. When Lord Noh wakes up, he tells Pyro that his final test is to capture Chandler. He then secretly orders Dredger to sabotage Pyro's test.

The Chase

Noh follows Pyro and Dredger. He destroys the evidence and witnesses they left behind after the battle. He tells Dredger to "call in the cavalry".


Noh kills two of the men fighting Chandler, and takes their abilities. He sneaks up on Chandler and kidnaps him.


Noh believes the Chicago Police Department is investigating him. He tortures Chandler for information. Chandler manages to escape and kill Noh's accomplice, so Noh escapes.


In 1988, Noh goes to Matthew and Amy Smithson to recruit them into his "brotherhood". When they refuse, he steals their abilities, kills Amy, and knocks Matthew unconscious.

Turning Point

While the Chicago Police Department interrogates Chandler, Matthew, and Elizabeth about their involvement with Noh, Noh calls in a favor with Laug Wolfe.


Noh threatens the witnesses in his investigation, indirectly leading to their escape. Later, Noh takes Elizabeth hostage, hoping to ambush and kill Chandler from behind.


Noh steals Pyro's ability and orders him to shoot Chandler. However, he freezes time after Pyro pulls the trigger, saving Chandler's life. He agrees to release Elizabeth if Chandler will be his apprentice. When Chandler agrees, Noh kills Pyro with the same bullet he fired at Chandler. Noh destroys the house and teleports away with Chandler.


Lord Noh has absorbed dozens of abilities. Among them are the following:

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