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The second season of Heroes begins four months after the conclusion of Volume One. The events of Kirby Plaza have changed the lives of the Volume One survivors, and not necessarily for the better. Meanwhile, several new characters are introduced, and the origin of the Company begins to be revealed, as its founders are faced with a mysterious figure from the past determined to kill them off. Eventually, an even bigger threat occurs: a virus, threatening to kill 93% of the world's population.

Writers Strike complications

Season Two was originally planned to consist of a combined 30 episodes and span the 2007-2008 season. It originally was going to consist of 24 regular storyline episodes split into three volumes, Volume Two: Generations, Volume Three: Exodus, and Volume Four: Villains [1]. In addition to these three volumes, six episodes of a mini-series entitled Heroes: Origins were to air [2].

With talk of an impending strike, Origins was shelved and Volume Three: Exodus was canceled, with Villains replacing it as Volume Three. The strike commenced on November 5, 2007, and ended February 12, 2008. Because of the length of the strike, it was announced that Volume Three: Villains would instead air in the fall during Season Three.

Volume Two: Generations


Volume Two.jpg Generations.jpg
The second volume of Heroes, entitled Generations, aired for eleven episodes.

Four Months Later...
The Kindness of Strangers

Fight or Flight
The Line
Out of Time

Four Months Ago...
Cautionary Tales
Truth & Consequences

Chapter One -- Four Months Later...
Original Air Date: 24 September 2007
Following their attempt to kill Sylar, the survivors try to live normal lives once again. The Bennet family have relocated to California and Noah realises someone is watching them. Mohinder enroles himself into the Company to bring it down, but can he convince Bob? Hiro finds himself face-to-face with his childhood hero, Kensei. Twins Maya and Alejandro try to evade the police. Matt has to deal with Molly's nightmares and a drunken Nathan who can't cope with Peter's death.
Chapter Two -- Lizards
Original Air Date: 1 October 2007
Someone discovers a dark future. Following Kaito's death, Ando becomes desparate to make contact with Hiro who is teaching Kensei how to be a hero. Angela and Nathan bring in Matt to study the series of murders taking place. Niki is forced to abandon Micah with the Dawson family. Claire meets a boy who can fly, and Noah gives Bob a very clear warning. Peter has to try and recall the past, and a friend may be able to help.
Chapter Three -- Kindred
Original Air Date: 8 October 2007
Sylar finds himself in medical care with the help of Candice. Micah learns about Monica's ability. Molly's dreams become more graphic and the elusive nightmare man is revealed to be someone linked to a hero. Maya and Alejandro have to find their own transport when border patrol take away their vehicle.
Chapter Four -- The Kindness of Strangers
Original Air Date: 15 October 2007
Claire learns a secret about West. Matt and Nathan prepare to take on Maury Parkman. Hiro betrays Kensei and sets things in motion. Elle kills an ally and Peter and Caitlin are forced to flee, to somewhere unexpected.
Chapter Five -- Fight or Flight
Original Air Date: 22 October 2007
Trapped in a nightmarish world with visions of the past, Matt and Nathan risk their lives to save Molly from Maury. Hiro reunites with Ando. Mohinder and Noah begin to have trust issues. Niki becomes dangerous again.



  • Hiro leaves Feudal Japan by Chapter Four.
  • Less of Claire/West and arguments.
  • Elle is introduced earlier terorising Peter and Claire.
  • Claude is added to the Ireland plot which is shortened.
  • Sylar and Candice team up for two episodes.
  • Maya and Alejandro appear in 2.1, 2.3, 2.6 in which they encounter Sylar.
  • Matt and Nathan take on a more scary Maury Parkman.
  • Bob reveals the 1977 story in 2.9 partially.
  • Monica and Micah take on Knox from 2.7 onwards who is working in a gang.
  • Adam is revealed earlier on.
  • Niki is seemingly killed in 2.10's ending, but in 2.11 we discover Jessica's survival.
  • In the closing moments of 2.11 Sylar returns, but also, Maury, Knox and Jessica team up.
  • Maya is killed in 2.11 with West and possibly Mohinder who would live on in visions.
  • The virus breaks out in 2.10 or 2.9.



  • Volume Two, Generations, along with Volume Four, Fugitives are the only two volumes that have no episodes within their respective volumes sharing the same title as their Volumes

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