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Season: One
Episode number: 116
First aired: February 19, 2007
Written by: Jeph Loeb
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: Run!
Next episode: Company Man


Story Development

Ability development · Ability extension · Primm, NV · Primm parking lot · Hope's money · Bozeman, MT · Dale's shop · Dale Smither · Enhanced hearing · Hiro's victims


Ted Sprague receives an IM from a user named "Wireless" on a laptop in his cabin. After confirming that he currently does not have an Internet connection, he sends a reply asking how this is possible. Wireless tells him that she knows what they did to him and sends him a schematic for a pneumatic needle. Ted tells her they should meet and Wireless tells him to turn around. A woman standing behind him introduces herself as Hana Gitelman and explains that she can send and receive wireless signals. She tells Ted that they got to her, too, and asks for his help in confronting them.

After Claire's mom leaves the room, Claire calls out for her dad. She runs into Lyle who tells her that their father is off on one of his business trips. She tells Lyle that something is wrong with their mom. When they get downstairs Claire asks her mom if she knows Lyle. Her mother tells Claire to leave Lyle alone. Claire asks if she recognizes her brother and her mom tells her that she's supposed to be setting the dinner table. Claire explains that just a few moments ago she didn't even recognize her. Lyle teases Claire before walking away.

At Isaac's apartment Isaac tells Mr. Bennet that he called Mr. Bennet because he didn't know whom to trust. Isaac explains to Mr. Bennet that Peter will be responsible for the explosion that will destroy the city. He shows Mr. Bennet a painting of footprints in a puddle and Mr. Bennet concludes that Peter's invisible. Mr. Bennet remarks that Peter absorbs abilities and has apparently met an individual they assumed was dead. Mr. Bennet recognizes the location of one of the paintings as the roof of the Deveaux building. He tells Isaac that Peter may return there before they've reached him and gives Isaac a gun just in case. Isaac asks Mr. Bennet what he expects him to do with the gun. Mr. Bennet simply replies, "Save the world."

Matt opens a sock drawer in which he has placed Malsky's bag of diamonds. He pours them out onto the dresser and then quickly places them back in the bag when he hears Janice. She comes to put away some clothes and upon opening the drawer notices one of the diamond rings at the bottom of the drawer. Matt implies it's a gift and Janice tells him that they can't afford it. Matt claims he knows someone who let him buy it at wholesale. Janice tries to put the ring on but has trouble putting it on because her fingers are bloated due to pregnancy. She tells Matt that a geneticist named Mohinder Suresh called the previous day and wanted to talk about Matt's DNA. Matt wonders who these people are.

Dale hears Sylar's heartbeat.

Mohinder and Sylar, who is still impersonating Zane Taylor, arrive at a garage in Bozeman, Montana. Sylar thanks Mohinder for bringing him along. Mohinder tells him that he believes they'll run into a lot of skepticism and that Sylar will be able to help. They approach a woman performing some welding. After calling out for her a few times, she notices them, removes her helmet, and pulls out her iPod earbuds. She tells them that she's listening to rap music even though she doesn't enjoy it. She begins to tell them that it's the only thing that cancels something out, but stops herself before revealing exactly what. Mohinder tells her that they're looking for Dale Smither and she tells them that she is Dale. He tells her that he believes that he can help her and that she probably has questions. She asks Mohinder how he found her. He explains that when she donated blood 11 years ago she agreed to have a sample used as part of The Human Genome Project. She remains skeptical and Sylar tells her that he realizes that she probably thinks there is no one that understands what she's going through but that he does. Sylar grabs a wrench and places it in a jar. He then uses one of his powers to liquefy the wrench. Amazed, Dale realizes that there are others with abilities like her. She explains how initially she thought the headaches she was having were going to kill her and that a cockroach crawling across her neighbor's floor sounded like a marching band to her. She goes on to explain that since she's able to control it now she can even hear the tiniest changes in a heartbeat now. She turns to Sylar and points out that his heart is beating pretty quickly and asks if he's nervous. Sylar blames it on his excitement meeting someone like himself. Mohinder asks to perform a few tests on her, but Dale tells him that she's very busy. Mohinder agrees to return the following morning.

Steve Gustavson pulls Hiro out of the closet at gunpoint and asks who Ando is. He asks him where Hope and the suitcase are. Hiro tells him to take him with him so he can save Ando. Steve initially refuses, but Hiro tells him that if he doesn't take him along then Hope will get away.

Ted speaks at Karen Sprague's grave. He tells her that he misses her and that "they" are going to pay for what they did. He places some flowers down which quickly wilt away due to Ted's radiation. The grass all around Ted also wilts away. He tells her that she's not going to like what he has to do and so he has come to say goodbye.

On the rooftop of the Deveaux building a wooden pole suddenly disappears. A struggle is heard and footsteps are seen in puddles on the rooftop. Then Claude is seen attacking Peter with the pole. Peter tells him to stop, but Claude refuses. Claude tells Peter that he has the power to stop it and asks what Peter is waiting for. Claude continues attacking Peter with the pole and tells him to pull one of his powers out to stop him. Claude tries to swing the pole and hit Peter in the head, but Peter stops it using telekinesis and then snaps the pole. Claude asks him which of his friends is telekinetic. Initially Peter isn't sure, but then he remembers Sylar throwing the locker doors at him during their encounter in Texas. Claude tells him that there might just be a chance of stopping him from exploding. Claude then strikes him in the face with another pole and knocks him down.

Simone talks to Isaac in his apartment. Isaac tells her that every painting he's tried to make of Peter is empty and claims that he believes Peter has left New York. Simone doesn't believe him and he tells her that he's worried that Peter is dangerous. Simone tries to return the key to the apartment again and Isaac convinces her to keep it. She tells Isaac to find Peter.

In the car, Hiro tells Steve Gustavson that he brought Ando along with him and that he's responsible for him. Steve tells Hiro that partners only get in the way. Hiro protests that a partner helps keep one honest. Steve points out that Ando was the one that wanted to help Hope, that took the suitcase, and also took their car. Steve tells him that by taking on a partner that all he'll get is blood on his hands.

Ando and Hope stop in Primm, Nevada at a parking lot. When Ando asks why they're stopping, Hope tells him not to ask any questions. Hope goes to remove the suitcase from the back seat of the car and Ando offers to get it for her instead. They struggle over the bag briefly causing it to open up and spill casino chips in the car. Hope pulls a gun on Ando.

At a motel in Montana Mohinder explains that when Sylar initially offered to help, he was cautious since neither of them know each other. Mohinder tells him that he made a big difference today and thanks him. Sylar asks Mohinder what he meant when he said that he could help her. Mohinder tells Sylar that he's working on an inhibitor that will suppress the mutation that causes the special abilities. He tells Sylar that he hopes to offer them control or even elimination of their abilities. Sylar tells him that he's making it sound like these abilities are an infection or a plague. Mohinder explains that some abilities might be dangerous and that his father learned that the hard way. He explains that his father was murdered by a man named Sylar and doesn't realize that the man he knows as Zane is in fact Sylar. Sylar asks Mohinder about what happened to the man named Sylar. Mohinder explains that he's not sure what happened to Sylar and that even if he could meet Sylar there's no way justice could be served. Sylar tells Mohinder that the two of them will find all the people with special abilities... that it's their destiny.

At the Bennets' house Claire's mom asks Claire if they need to talk. Claire asks her what if there were a way she could be being brainwashed and forced to forget. Her mom laughs and tells her that she's been studying long enough and offers to watch a movie with her. Her mom tells her that her father is talking to the doctors and that they'll find out what's wrong with her. She tells her mom that she shouldn't trust her father so much. Suddenly Claire's mom collapses in the kitchen.

Peter stops taser darts in mid-air.

On the rooftop Peter asks Claude about the pigeons. Claude notes that Charles Darwin bred pigeons matching up different permutations to result in maximum potential. When Peter asks what Darwin meant by "maximum potential" Claude tells him that he believes he meant someone like Peter. Looking through thermal vision goggles, Mr. Bennet fires a taser at Claude and incapacitates him. The Haitian tries to shoot Peter with two darts, but Peter manages to stop them in midair and forces them to fall to the ground. Peter throws Claude off the roof of the building, flies down to catch him, and then takes off flying away from Mr. Bennet and The Haitian. Mr. Bennet receives a call from Claire telling him that her mom collapsed and was having memory loss. Mr. Bennet tells The Haitian that Claude will have to wait.

Janice returns and tells Matt that when she took the ring he gave her to be resized that the jeweler told her that it was worth $40,000. She asks Matt for an explanation and he tells her that it belonged to Malsky, but that he's dead now. Janice yells at him and asks what he was thinking giving her a stolen ring. She tells him that ever since he told her about his powers he's been stealing and lying and that he's better than that. He tells her he's going to take the diamonds down to the station, but receives a phone call before he can leave. He tells Janice that he has to go out.

Back at Peter's apartment Claude wakes up. Peter asks Claude how he's feeling and Claude punches him in the face. Claude accuses Peter of knowing that "they" were after him and explains that he's been invisible because of them. Claude concludes that Isaac must have tipped them off that they were up there and must also be working for them. He explains that people abducted by them usually disappear for a few days and then wake up without any memory and the mark on their neck. Peter tries to get Claude to stay and tells him that they're finally getting somewhere. Claude tells him that he should have thought of that before he led "them" right to the roof and leaves.

Simone asks Nathan if he's seen Peter. Nathan explains that he believes that the last time he saw Peter, he flew out the window to get away from him... in a manner of speaking. Nathan tells Simone that he's got people looking for Peter. Simone tells Nathan that he needs to hold a press conference and tell everyone about the abilities people have developed. Nathan tells her that if people find out about their abilities then they'll panic and probably stick them all in a lab somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Simone tells him that where Peter sees hope, Nathan sees disaster. She tells him that it looks like she's voting for the "other guy." As Simone leaves, he warns her not to go public.

Ando gathers up the chips and places them in the bag. As he finishes, Steve Gustavson and Hiro arrive. Hope hides behind Ando and points the gun at Steve. Steve tells her that he wants his share. She fires a shot and breaks the rear window of Steve's car. Steve returns fire hitting Ando in the arm. Hiro and Ando seek shelter in the luggage compartment of a bus while Hope and Steve exchange gunfire. While hiding Hiro tells Ando he shouldn't have brought him along. Hope walks up to the luggage compartment and points her gun at Ando. Hiro begins concentrating and Hope pulls the trigger. Hiro manages to stop time and then reverse it causing the bullet to fly back into the chamber. The resulting recoil throws her off guard and buys enough time for Steve to tackle her. Ando asks Hiro if his powers worked, but neither of them knows because they both had their eyes closed. Hiro figures her gun must have misfired.

Back at the garage, Dale is doing repairs beneath a vehicle. Even with her music playing she manages to hear a heartbeat nearby. She gets out from beneath the vehicle, removes her earbuds, and listens. She looks around a few times and then suddenly sees Sylar. She remarks that she didn't hear his footsteps. Sylar tells her that it was because there weren't any. She asks him what that sound in his heart is. He smiles and tells her, "Murder."

Sandra Bennet is in a hospital bed. Dr. Beth Lindall comes in and tells Claire that she has a subdural hemorrhage in the area of her brain that controls memory. She asks Claire if her mom's been exposed to radiation recently or has been the victim of domestic violence. Claire tells the doctor that she won't believe her. She tells the doctor that there's a man that works for her father that can make people forget things just by touching them. Dr. Lindall doesn't believe her and tells her that she'll talk to her father.

Hana shows Matt the hypo gun.

Matt meets Ted Sprague in a cemetery. Ted tells Matt that he has found out that the marks on their necks are because they're being tracked. Hana steps out from behind a tombstone and tells Matt that the mark is from a pneumatic needle that injects a radioactive isotope for tracking viruses in Africa. Hana tells Matt that a shipment of needles went to Primatech Paper Co. and asks why a paper company would need a needle that injects a radioactive isotope. Ted tells him that he had his blood tested and that the isotope is in his blood and bets that it's in Matt's as well. Matt tells him that he's got a wife and baby and Ted tells him that means Matt has something to protect. Ted tells Matt that he can get them through any wall they have, but that he needs Matt to read his mind so that Mr. Bennet can't lie to them. Ted tells Matt that if they can save themselves, they can be heroes and save others.

Mr. Bennet arrives at the hospital room. He tells Claire and Lyle that they're going to take her home in the morning and that she'll be okay. Claire remarks that it's no thanks to him. Her father asks to speak to her outside. He tells her that the doctor told him about what Claire said earlier. Claire accuses her father of doing this to her mother and attempting to do it to her as well. Her father claims that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Claire yells at him and tells him to stop lying. He finally tells her that what she knows is dangerous and that if the wrong people find out about her abilities then she will be in danger. She asks why he erased her mom's memory. He explains that Sylar broke into their house looking for her and found her mom instead. He tells her that good people like her mom shouldn't have to know about people like Sylar. He tells her that he didn't mean for Claire's mom to get sick and just wanted to protect his family. He promises that it'll never happen again and Claire pushes him away telling him he doesn't just get to apologize.

Mohinder and Sylar return to Dale's garage the following morning. Sylar complains of a headache. Mohinder tells Sylar to wait in the car for him to return. He closes the car door causing Sylar to wince in pain. As Mohinder calls for Dale, Sylar experiences brief moments of enhanced hearing which cause him pain. Mohinder glances in the garage looking for Dale and finds her corpse. When Mohinder comes running out and vomits, Sylar asks what's wrong and takes a look for himself. He smiles as he sees Dale's corpse. He finds Mohinder about to call 911 and tells Mohinder that they have no plausible explanation for why they are there in the first place. Mohinder tells Sylar that they'll call the police once they're on the road.

Hiro and Ando talk as Steve and Hope are taken into custody. Ando complains about his arm hurting and asks Hiro to drive. Hiro tells him to drive the car back to the rental agency and to go home. Ando apologizes again and Hiro tells him that he made a mistake bringing him along. He tells Ando that too many people have died already and that he doesn't know what he would do if he lost him, too. A bus pulls up and Hiro goes to board. The bus driver asks him if he's by himself and Hiro tells him, "Yes."

Isaac shoots an unexpected target.

The Bennets return home and Lyle helps his mom upstairs. Claire's father tries to talk to her and Claire tells him that she wants to run away, but that someone needs to protect the family from him. Claire turns around and Ted steps out. Mr. Bennet tells Lyle to take her mother and get out of the house immediately. Before they can leave Matt steps out in front of the door and points a gun and tells them that he's sure everyone has a lot of questions.

Isaac finishes a painting of Peter standing in his apartment. Isaac turns around and sees Peter standing there. Isaac asks Peter how he got in. Peter asks Isaac why he helped Mr. Bennet and Isaac tells him that he was trying to stop Peter since he's dangerous without Mr. Bennet's help. Peter tells him that he was already learning and that Isaac's responsible for Claude leaving. Peter pushes Isaac down onto the table and asks him what the marks on his neck mean. He tells Peter that they don't mean anything. Peter becomes enraged, tells Isaac not to lie to him, and telekinetically throws him across the room. Peter sees the painting of Simone and himself and suggests that Isaac revealed his location out of jealousy, but Isaac claims he did it to save the city. Isaac, though hurt, lifts himself up to his table and grabs the gun that Mr. Bennet gave him and points it at Peter. Peter turns invisible and begins throwing paint cans at Isaac. Still invisible, Peter tells Isaac that he's no hero and that Simone left him because he couldn't even save himself. Isaac hears a noise, turns, and fires twice, hitting Simone in the chest. Simone collapses, but Peter becomes visible again and catches her. As Simone dies in Peter's arms, she drops the key to Isaac's loft, which Isaac had insisted she keep.

Memorable Quotes

"What are you doing?"

"Something unexpected."

- Claude, Peter

"You pushed that away with your mind! Which one of your sorry friends has telekinesis?"
"None of them do. Oh wait, that guy who was chasing Claire in Texas. He sent some lockers flying at me."
"Texas? And you pulled that little trick out in the here and now? Well, we might just have a chance to stop you from going nuclear."

-Claude and Peter are surprised when Peter discovers a new power.

"I believe in fate, Mohinder, and karma, and I'm not just saying that 'cause you're Indian."

- Sylar

"Hey, I can't do this on my own."

"Then I guess you go boom."

- Peter, Claude

"Where Peter sees hope, you see disaster. I guess I'm voting for the other guy."

- Simone Deveaux

"Funny, I didn't hear your footsteps."

"That's because there weren't any."

"That sound, in your heart. What is it?"


- Dale Smither, Sylar

"What'd they give you, money? Drugs? What's a Judas get these days?"

- Peter (to Isaac)


"I say when it's enough! You've got the power to stop me; what're ya waitin' for?!"

"I'm trying!"

"And, when you've left New York a smokin' wasteland, we'll put that on your tombstone! 'Here lies Peter Petrelli. He tried!' Dig into that file cabinet of yours an' pull somethin' out! Fly, stop time, paint me a pretty picture! Do... something... unexpected!"

- Peter, Claude

Character Appearances


  • It is possible that Peter committed a felony murder under New York law if he entered Isaac's locked studio with intent to assault Isaac as he did. A person who does this can be convicted of first degree murder if a person dies through a chain of events tied to the felony, such as the resulting firefight. This applies even if there was no desire to kill, and if the dead person is an innocent killed by accident by another third party.
  • Stan Lee cameos as a bus driver in this episode, as a joke towards Hiro's nearly immediate comment to Ando that life isn't a comic book, and seeing a bus driver that he could probably swear looks just like Stan Lee (a famous comic book writer/creator) fazes him slightly.
  • According to Nathan, he'd like to take all those with powers, and "put them in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean." While many fans believed this to be a reference to the TV show Lost, Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski have indicated it's a reference to the island of Genosha from Marvel's X-Men.
  • The room number of Mohinder's motel room is 23, which may be also a Lost reference.
  • Due to the scientific nature of Heroes (and Mohinder specifically), the number 23 is more likely referring to the 23 matched chromosomes that make up human DNA.
  • The scene in which Isaac returns from his trance-like state to his normal state was also used in Parasite.
  • According to Nathan, he'd like to take all those with powers, and "put them in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean." He starts to round up the all those with powers in A Clear and Present Danger.
  • The scene from this episode when Ted is visited by Hana was first featured in the graphic novel How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1.
  • The graphic novel The Path of the Righteous tells what happened to Hana after she left Matt and Ted at Karen Sprague's grave.

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