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Season: Two
Episode number: 203
First aired: October 8, 2007
Written by: J.J. Philbin
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Previous episode: Lizards
Next episode: The Kindness of Strangers
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Story Development

New Orleans, LA · Nana · Hernandez · Garcia · Derek · Pinky's Sportsbook · Pinky's security guard (I) · Pinky's security guard (II) · Safeline guard (I) · Safeline guard (II) · The Dawsons' home · Mexican police station · Sylar's shack


In the Wandering Rocks, Ricky makes Peter a deal to get his identity. Peter hears Will's thoughts about stealing the lockbox money after the robbery. Peter mentions this, and Ricky becomes upset at such an accusation. He shows Peter his family crest tattoo, and tells Peter that Will is his brother.

In Mexico, Alejandro tells Maya that she needs to rest. He breaks the window of a Cadillac to help Maya rest, but a police officer sees it. The officer chases the two down, and catches Alejandro and arrests him. He whispers to Maya to run.

In Las Vegas, Niki and Micah talk about leaving Las Vegas. Micah doesn't want to leave, but Niki insists that they can start a new life. They visit D.L.'s tombstone and place flowers.

On a beach, a redhead receives a phone call. She mentions on the phone that someone is still tired. Sylar awakens next to her and asks where he is. The redhead, Michelle, tells him they're in Maui. She says that her name was Candice, and decided to change her name and appearance after she dragged him from Kirby Plaza. She then tells Sylar that he received stitches from being stabbed and shouldn't move. He asks where the stitches are, and she mentions that she can create illusions. He asks to show him what is really happening, and Michelle reveals he's in a room with gauze on his midsection.

Claire reads Activating Evolution, and Noah mentions that Sandra is making waffles. Noah apologizes for talking to her the way he did, and offers his help. Claire asks what would happen if someone found out about her, and Noah mentions they'd have to leave at a worst case scenario. At school, Claire tells West that she was giving herself a manicure when he sneaked up on her. West continues to talk about her cutting off her toe, and she tells him to stay away.

Matt awakens and finds Molly asleep. He grabs his sidearm and heads into the kitchen, where Mohinder is fixing tea. Mohinder mentions that he'll be working downtown, but Matt tells him that it's not good to do spy work against the Company while Molly is around. Molly hears Mohinder and gives him a loving embrace.

Ando plays a video game in his office, but is interrupted by his boss. His boss mentions that being friends with the CEO does not mean he can play games at work, and Ando apologizes. Ando opens a file and finds Hiro's sword. Examining the sword, he finds text at the bottom of the sword reading "Ando, open". In it, he finds several scrolls. Hiro tells him that he's in 1671, where he met Takezo Kensei. Hiro tells him he must stay to make Kensei the man they know. He mentions that Kensei has a great power.

Ando finds a message from his friend in the past.

In the past, Kensei awakens, and finds arrows in his shoulder. Hiro pulls the arrows from him, and Kensei finds his wounds heal. Kensei tells Hiro that he cursed him, but Hiro tells him that it's a gift. Kensei calls him the devil and rides away.

Peter practices recalling his powers, but finds his attempts do not work. Caitlin asks how it works, but he tells her he doesn't know. He talks about how he feels powerless, but Caitlin suggests he's an alien. She's anxious to see him get his identity. He asks how he can trust her, but she reminds him that she hasn't told anyone about his abilities.

Alejandro, in jail, sees his mugshot while being arrested. The cops pass by the mugshot, and Alejandro is put in a cell. A white man in the next cell tells him he "looks like ass" in English, but Alejandro tells him that he doesn't speak English.

In class, West sits next to Claire. West asks Mr. Zern if a lizard could breed with a human, asking about cutting off limbs. Mr. Zern blows off the questions as irrelevant, but Claire leaves the classroom visibly upset.

Ando continues to read Hiro's letter from the past. He talks about how he may love Yaeko, but she is destined to be Kensei's love. Hiro talks about Kensei's greatness to Yaeko, and finds Kensei sitting at a tree cutting himself. Kensei notices the wound heals, and Hiro tells him he has a power too. He demonstrates it to Kensei by teleporting, and Kensei is shocked. Hiro suggests that Kensei cannot be killed from injury from a sword, and Kensei suggests that he can be richer than the Pope from all the duels since he's unstoppable. Hiro grabs him and teleports him to a Japanese fortress with the many men rushing toward them. Kensei asks where Hiro took him, and Hiro tells him he needs to get the fire scrolls past the 90 ronin. He hands him Kensei's sword and teleports away.

West takes Claire joyriding.

Claire sits alone, and West comes to talk to her. She asks him what he wants from her, and he wants to know that she's different. She tells him how upsetting it is, but West grabs her and the two fly away. They fly over the town, with Claire laughing in West's arms.

In a car, Caitlin tells Peter to be careful as he heads towards a sports bar. Two guards are ambushed by Ricky, Will and Tuko as Peter distracts them. Ricky and Will pull guns on the guard with the lockbox, but the guard hits an alarm. Ricky knocks him out and the boys run away as two guards fire at them. Peter moves an armored truck at them to block the guards' line of fire, and runs into the car with Caitlin. They drive away.

Mohinder arrives at Isaac's loft, where Bob reads a 9th Wonders!. Bob tells Mohinder that Sylar killed Isaac, and now the Company bought the loft to outfit it with lab equipment for Mohinder. Bob further explains that the Company is observing him for Mohinder and the Company's best interest, and tells him he's part of the family.

In Japan, Hiro tells Yaeko that Kensei is coming back since she is waiting. She wants to trust him, but he seems like two men: a brute and a gentleman. She recalls being under the cherry blossoms and how she felt like she was home. Kensei walks in full armor up to the two, and takes off his helmet, holding the fire scroll. Yaeko embraces him and kisses him, while Hiro looks on sad.

In New Orleans, Niki tells Micah not to use his powers while he is here. Micah wonders why they should hide their abilities, but Niki tells him that this is his chance at a normal life, and normal people can't understand. He doesn't want her to go, but she reassures him that when she returns, they'll be together, and that she has to do this. Micah notes that she always says that before she does something bad, and they hug. Niki knocks on a door, and Nana answers, welcoming them to New Orleans.

Maya rests in an alley outside of the prison. She walks in, and asks the officer about her brother. The officer mentions that to bail out her brother, it will cost 2500 pesos, but she pulls American money. She tells him that she's sick, and her brother is taking her to America. She sees the mugshot of her and Alejandro. Maya pulls the mugshot down and tells them that she's a murderer. As they subdue her, her eyes turn black. The white man in the next cell's eyes turn black and collapses, and Alejandro calls out to her. She arrives at his cell, black tears streaming from her eyes. Alejandro notes that she killed the police. Maya mentions that she couldn't leave him, and unlocks the cell. He holds her hands, and his eyes fill with darkness as the darkness leaves her face. The people in the precinct begin to awaken, but the twins begin to leave. The white gentleman asks for them to take him too, and tells them that he has a car, and will take them. They leave in a Nissan Rogue with a "Conquistadors" logo on his bumper.

Alejandro uses his ability to help his sister.

Ricky opens the lockbox and drinks a pint as Will pulls a gun on Ricky. Peter comments that he was right, and Will agrees and shoots him twice, then continues to threaten Ricky. Suddenly, Will is thrown against a wall, and the bullets shot at Peter fall from Peter's chest as he chokes Will telekinetically. Caitlin yells at Peter to stop, and he drops Will. Will gets up and runs away. Ricky looks on in amazement as Caitlin gives Peter a questionable look.

Hiro continues to write of Kensei's progress to Ando. Hiro tells Kensei that he can continue his journey without his help, and that he must return to his life. Kensei tells Hiro that he needs him, but Hiro tells him that he could make things worse by staying in the past. Kensei tells him that it's been his honor, but Hiro tells Kensei it's been his honor. Yaeko wishes Hiro goodbye. As Yaeko and Kensei walk away, Kensei makes the cherry blossoms fall. As Hiro begins to travel back, he stops with a look of sadness, and yells at Kensei while running towards the couple.

Sylar looks at a coffee cup, and cannot make it move with his mind. Michelle serves him breakfast, and he mentions that he can't move things or freeze things. He gets angry at her, but she reminds him that he wouldn't be breathing if it weren't for her. Sylar gets mad, but she tells him that the Company will help and when his chest heals, he'll be able to use his abilities. She tells Sylar that she will take care of whatever he wants, and mentions all the travels they can have. She transforms into a geisha, then makes beautiful twins appear next to him. She turns into Sylar himself, and tells him that she can help him. He tells her that he underestimated her, and breaks a coffee cup over her head. He tells her that he's going to get his abilities back, starting with hers.

Sylar pulls a shard from Betty's head, and Sylar notes that it's a shame that she doesn't accept what she really looks like, and thanks her before he'll be going to Maui. He concentrates, pauses, and tries again, but cannot access her ability. He struggles in pain, and is angered that he doesn't have her power. He stumbles outside, and finds himself in a jungle.

Sylar stumbles out of a shack in the middle of a jungle.

Peter receives a tattoo of the family crest from Caitlin, and Ricky tells Peter that he knows he's one of them. He tells him that they have no secrets among family, and places the box in front of Peter. Caitlin asks if he'll open it, but Peter mentions that Caitlin stopped him from killing Will. Peter wonders if the life in the box is a life he may not want. Caitlin asks if he likes who and where he is, and she suggests that maybe he should keep it that way, and the two kiss. As they kiss, the symbol appears from the tattoo before fading away from his skin.

Claire and West sit on a beach and talk about their abilities, and Claire admits that she does feel pain. West asks if he pokes her if it hurts, and the two kiss. She notices marks on his neck, and he pulls away. West talks about when his family lived in St. Louis, he was riding his bike from school one day, then woke up a day later. West recalls a man that knew his name and looked at him like West was animal. He recalls his horn-rimmed glasses, and Claire looks away.

Mohinder is studying something under a microscope as Bob tells him he has another vial for Mohinder to examine. Bob walks out after receiving a phone call, and Mohinder makes a call himself. Bob talks to Niki on the phone. She asks if she can be cured, and Bob tells her that she has to do something for them. Mohinder, meanwhile, finds Isaac's paintings, and takes a picture of the 8th picture in the series and sends it to Bennet. Bennet receives the picture, and it is of Bennet, lying dead with cracked glasses and a couple kissing in the background. Noah turns and sees Claire. Noah tells her goodnight, and she walks away. Bennet looks at the picture of the painting again in fear.

Memorable Quotes

"So, if I get you your box, you'll get me mine."

- Peter (to Ricky)

"The people I work for. They're going to make sure you get better. Your back's already healed, it's just your chest we're worried about, and when that heals... you'll be able to reacquire your powers. With my help, of course."

"You? How are you gonna help? You gonna make me some more eggs?!"

"By making it easy. By making it fun."

- Candice Willmer, Sylar

"You can skydive without a parachute!"

"You can skydive without a plane!"

- West, Claire

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