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First appearance Turning Point
In-story stats
Home Chicago, IL
Occupation Police Lieutenant

Caine is a lieutenant at the Chicago Police Department. He was the "lead detective" in the investigation of Lord Noh mentioned in Mirror.

Character History


Noh tortures Chandler to learn the name of the lead detective in his investigation.

Turning Point

Lieutenant Caine investigates Lord Noh's cult, the "Congregation", through multiple witnesses: Chandler, Elizabeth, and Matthew.

Caine interrogates Chandler about a 30-minutes video conference between Chandler and Noh's apprentice. He threatens Chandler with physical evidence, including video footage, Chandler's blood, Chandler car, and victims shot with Chandler's gun. He threatens to take Chandler's job and have him executed, but Chandler refuses to talk.

Caine interrogates Elizabeth about the bank robbery that happened the previous month, suggesting it was an inside job. He admits that he hasn't arrested her, so she begins to exit the building. When he says he could still arrest her, she requests an attorney.

Caine interrogates Matthew about the 30-minute video conference that happened at Matthew's house. He believes that Matthew sent Chandler with Noh to avenge his wife, but Chandler got sucked into the plot. When Matthew tries to leave, Caine arrests him for accessory to murder.


After receiving death threats from Lord Noh, Caine prepares to transport the witnesses to various locations for their protection. However, Pyro and Chandler use their abilities to escape and cause a diversion, allowing Matthew and Elizabeth to flee. Pyro burns all the evidence against them, while Caine shoots and arrests Chandler.

Ten days later, Caine visits Chandler in jail. In exchange for full immunity for Matthew and Elizabeth, Chandler tells Caine everything he knows about the "Congregation". This leads Caine to Laug Wolfe. He takes Chandler into his custody, and they go with many other officers to ambush Wolfe's apartment. This all turns out to be a trap by Wolfe. His apartment explodes, killing many policemen. Chandler escapes, and Caine survives.

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