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Main & Recurring Characters appeared in Season One with abilities

Image Name Ability Work First Appearance Last Apperance Character Description Ability Description Death Description
MiloVentimiglia.jpg Peter Petrelli Empathic mimicry (Lost), Ability Replication Paramedic "Genesis" Peter is a Paramedic with the dream of becoming special. And his desire seems to have come true. With this power, Peter can replicate a previous one losing power at a time when it acquires the new.
Clairebennet.jpg Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration Student "Genesis" Claire is a normal girl with doubts about the real work of his father. Claire can heal rapidly from any injury. Over time, the person who has this ability becomes immortal.
D.L..jpg D.L. Hawkins Phasing Firefighter "Hiros" "Four Months Later..." D.L. is a normal family man, but with a secret to hide ... D.L. any body can pass through solid. D.L. is killed by a man leaving a nightclub and takes away an unconscious Niki.
Hironakamura.jpg Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation Co-chairman of the industries Yamagato "Genesis" Hiro is a young man passionate about comics and adventure stories with ilsogno to become a super-hero. Hiro can teleport or time travel and stop him.
IsaacMendezSMALL.jpg Isaac Mendez Precognition Painter "Genesis" ".07% Isaac is a painter with a bad habit. Isaac can predict the future of painting on canvas or on the sheets. Isaac was killed by Sylar's ability to access them, died with a brush nailed to the ground.
MattParkman.JPG Matt Parkman Telepathy LAPD Detective "Don't Look Back" Matt is a cop who is hiding a secret. Matt can control the thoughts, read them, introduce them and commands.
Micah.jpg Micah Sanders Technopathy Student "Genesis" Micah is a guy with a great intelligence. Micah can "talk" with machines and control them.
Mohindersuresh.jpg Mohinder Suresh Mohinder's ability (corrected), Enhanced strength Genetics Professor "Genesis" Mohinder is a geneticist who tries to follow in the footsteps of his father. Mohinder can use a superhuman strength.
Nathanpetrelli.jpg Nathan Petrelli Flight Senator "Genesis" "An Invisible Thread" Nathan is a senator, skeptical about the revelations of his brother. Nathan can fly, reaching very high speed. Nathan is killed by Sylar at the Stanton Hotel, to take the his ability.
NikiSanders.jpg Niki Sanders Enhanced strength Former web stripper "Genesis" "Powerless" Niki is a woman with problems of identity. Niki can use a superhuman strength. Niki died trying to save Monica Dawson by a great fire, which has fallen victim.
Thehaitian.jpg René Mental manipulation Company agent "One Giant Leap" René is a man who for years worked for a company. René can control the minds of others, erasing memories, and blocking the powers of others.
Eden.jpg Eden McCain Persuasion Former agent of the Company "Don't Look Back" "Fallout" Eden is a neighbor with a double identity. Eden is getting people to do what she wants to persuade. Eden is suicidal not to take his power that Sylar.
Claude.jpg Claude Rains Invisibility Thief "Godsend" Claude is a burglar with a little help. Claude may disappear from view of others.
Ted sprague.jpg Ted Sprague Induced radioactivity Medical equipment salesman "Nothing to Hide" "Landslide" Ted is a man with a "slight" problem. Ted can manipulate the movement of subatomic particles, Thus generating and emitting toxic radiation. Ted was killed by Sylar to steal his ability.
Sylar face.jpg Gabriel "Sylar" Gray" Intuitive aptitude Clock/watch restorer "One Giant Leap" Sylar is a watchmaker always searching for abilities. Sylar could figure out how abilities worked and how to gain more.
Molly walker.jpg Molly Walker Clairvoyance Student "Don't Look Back" Molly is a girl orphaned too soon. Molly has the ability to find anyone in the world.
Candace.jpg Candice Willmer Illusion Company agent "Company Man" "Kindred" Candice was an evolved human who worked for the Company. Candice was able to alter how people perceived reality around her. Candice was killed by Sylar groped for (unsuccessfully) take his ability.

Main & Recurring Characters appeared in Season Two with abilities

Image Name Ability Work First Appearance Last Apperance Character Description Ability Description Death Description
AdamMonroe.jpg Adam Monroe Rapid cell regeneration Company Founder "Four Months Later..." "Dying of the Light" Adam is a samurai centenary with a desire for revenge. Adam can regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes. Adam was killed by Arthur Petrelli stole his ability and its 400 years, collapsed on him.
Elle.jpg Elle Bishop Electrokinesis Company agent "Fight or Flight" "The Eclipse, Part 2" Elle is a girl from childhood psychopath who has worked for the company. Elle can generate electricity. Elle was killed by Sylar when to realize that they are bad, and can not change.
Maya.jpg Maya Herrera Poison emission (Lost) Unknown "Four Months Later..." Maya is a girl with a very dangerous problem. Maya can emit a deadly poison.
Monica.jpg Monica Dawson Adoptive muscle memory Burger Bonaza worker "The Kindness of Strangers" Monica is a young man ravaged by family problems. Monica can perfectly replicate, without practice, any physical motion that she has witnessed.
Bob.jpg Bob Bishop Alchemy Company chairman "Four Months Later..." "The Butterfly Effect" Bob is a man at the head of a strange company. Bob can transform any person or object into gold. Bob was killed by Syalr to take his ability.
Alejandro.jpg Alejandro Herrera Poison Emission Negation and Immunity Unknown "Four Months Later..." "Truth & Consequences" Alejandro is a brother very concerned about her sister. Alejandro can suppress and counteract the effect of Maya's fatal ability. Alejandro was killed by Sylar because he disliked him. :P
Hirosdad.jpg Kaito Nakamura Accelerated probability Yamagato Industries president "The Fix" "Four Months Later..." Kaito is a very heathen father on the activities of his son. Kaito can see the variables of any situation and predict the outcome. Kaito was killed by Adam Monroe in revenge after he had locked up for years.
West.jpg West Rosen Flight Student "Four Months Later..." West is a boy with a secret to hide. West can fly, reaching very high speed

Main & Recurring Characters appeared in Season Three with abilities

Image Name Ability Work First Appearance Last Apperance Character Description Ability Description Death Description
Ando masahashi.jpg Ando Masahashi Ability supercharging Worker to Yamagato Industries. "Genesis" Ando is the classic "friend" of the hero. Ando can supercharge the abilities of others and emit red rays.
Angela petrelli.jpg Angela Shaw Precognitive dreaming Former company chairman "Genesis" Angela is a woman with a dark past. Angela can dream the future.
Mid Photo Promo 012.jpg Tracy Strauss Enhaced Freezing Political adviser "The Second Coming" Tracy is a woman who has to do with American politicians. Tracy can reduce the temperature of matter, causing it to freeze, and mimic the properties of water.
Eric Doyle.jpg Eric Doyle Puppeting Carny "The Butterfly Effect" Eric is a man who can make you do what you want. Eric can control the motor functions of people and objects.
Flint.jpg Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis Thief "The Second Coming" "Rebellion, Part 2" Flint is a man with a pulse nut. Flint can Flint is a man with a pulse nut. Flint was killed by an agent of Building 26.

                                             To be continued...