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Episode:Cold Snap

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Cold Snap
Season: Three
Episode number: 320
First aired: March 23, 2009
Cold Snap.jpg
Written by: Bryan Fuller
Directed by: Greg Yaitanes
Previous episode: Shades of Gray
Next episode: Into Asylum
Heroes Interactive transcript


Story Development

Matt Parkman, Jr.'s ability · Millie · Rebel · Tracy Strauss



Danko is shaving in his bathroom when an alarm goes off, saying that his front door is open. He wipes his face, grabs his gun and goes to investigate. He shuts the door and turns around to search his apartment. In front of the window is Eric Doyle, hanging like a puppet on strings with curtains on each side of him and a big bow and gift tag attached. The gift tag says "My Gift To You". Doyle wakes up and gasps, but then falls unconscious again.

Noah Bennet finds Angela's limo sitting in traffic in NYC. It's pouring rain. Angela tells him they shouldn't talk anymore because it's getting too dangerous for him to risk being seen with her. Noah says he would be touched if he believed she actually cared about his safety. Angela says that Noah is clearly distracted, since he didn't bring an umbrella and has cut himself shaving. She says that family is a horrible price to pay for what they're trying to do, and notes the irony of alienating her sons to save them. Noah says he's sure Nathan will forgive her, but Angela says she knows Peter won't.

Angela points out that now Danko has seen Nathan fly, it's all up to Bennet and suggests that he makes Danko trust him by turning in one of them. Noah asks how she knows that he hasn't turned her in, but Angela replies he needs a bigger catch and suggests Rebel would impress Danko more. Noah points out that Angela may need Rebel's services soon, but Angela says she will find a way to survive and will leave the city that night. She reminds him he only has fifteen minutes to catch the next train to DC, and gives him her umbrella. In return, he tells her not to go home, then leaves.

Mohinder is tricked in Building 26.

In Building 26, Danko brings Mohinder to a room marked "Human Resources" which is full of unconscious evolved humans on hospital beds with IV bags going to their noses. Mohinder is shocked and asks why Danko doesn't do it the old fashioned way and dig a ditch. Danko calls it gun control; everyone in the room is "armed and dangerous" including Mohinder. Mohinder sees Daphne and asks why she's been moved from the medical facility, but Danko says there was the American taxpayer to consider. Mohinder examines her and says she needs to get to the hospital right away. He asks to speak to Nathan and Danko tells him that Nathan flew away. Mohinder says he can't help Daphne here, but Danko says he doesn't want Mohinder to help her - he only brought him to this room so he wouldn't have to carry him. An operative shocks Mohinder and Danko says to hook him up to an IV and prepare a bed for Tracy.

Tracy is in her cell with the heat lamps. She struggles a second, then she manages to blow out a puff of frost.

Danko and Noah enter the room full of drugged specials. Danko tells Bennet he's brought him a present, because it's important that they get along, and shows him Doyle. He knows what Doyle did to Sandra and Claire and thought Noah might like to see the puppet-master strung up. Bennet asks to return the favor and bring in Rebel. He suggests letting Rebel save Tracy Strauss. Using her as bait, they could capture Rebel. Danko doesn't like the plan at first, pointing out that Tracy is a killer. Noah promises to kill Tracy himself if the plan goes wrong and chalk it up to self-defense. Danko agrees.

Hiro and Ando are with baby Matt Parkman. Hiro thinks that baby Matt Parkman is actually Matt Parkman who has been turned into a baby. Ando asks how Matt Parkman could be a baby. Hiro says on "Star Trek" it was a transporter accident. Ando finds a photograph of Janice and Matt and says that maybe the baby isn't Matt Parkman, but rather Matt Parkman's son. Hiro says he didn't know Matt Parkman had a baby and Ando wonders if Matt Parkman knew about the baby. Hiro grows upset because they were supposed to save Matt Parkman, not his child. The baby turns on the TV, which is showing Matt Parkman with the bomb strapped to his chest, but Hiro and Ando don't notice. Ando says Rebel wanted them to save a Matt Parkman at this address and there's only one Matt Parkman at this address and then turns off the TV with the remote.

Ando thinks Hiro is afraid of the baby. Hiro says that's the stupidest thing he's ever heard. Ando asks if it's because of their baby razor sharp fingernails. Hiro points out that heroes change the world, not diapers. The baby turns the TV on again. Hiro says, "Bad baby! No television for you!". This time, Hiro unplugs it and Ando tells Hiro that he should be cold daddy and Ando will be warm mommy. Hiro sarcastically asks, "Warm mommy? What are we saving the baby from, lead-based toys?". Baby Matt then turns the TV on again, even though it's unplugged. They realize the baby has a power and that the government will be after the him.

Back in NYC, Angela is still stuck in traffic. She asks the driver why they've stopped and before he can answer, someone reaches in and grabs him and then they reach in for her. Angela wakes up with a start, but it was just a dream. She tells the driver not to stop the car, but he is grabbed from outside. Angela slips out of the car while agents subdue the driver. It's still raining and she links arms with a stranger and asks if she could share his umbrella, managing to evade Danko's team.

Noah hangs up the phone in Building 26. He tells Danko that the team lost Angela Petrelli. Danko believes someone tipped her off, but Noah points out that Angela can see things coming and says they can use Angela's cellphone to track her. Suddenly, all the systems in Building 26 shut down, including the lights. As the emergency lights come on, Noah realizes it's Rebel's work.

In Tracy's cell, the heat lamps turn off and her door unlocks. She freezes her restraints and leaves the cell. Rebel uses the security cameras to guide Tracy to the room where the prisoners are being held. Tracy frees Mohinder and Matt Parkman. Matt immediately frees Daphne and lifts her from the gurney. Tracy says Daphne will only slow them down and when Matt and Mohinder refuse to leave her, Tracy takes off without them. Rebel leads Tracy to the door, but doesn't open it. Agents burst through the door as Mohinder and Matt (carrying Daphne) catch up with Tracy, but Matt telepathically masks their presence and the guards run past them. The escapees can now leave via the front door, but Tracy says that when she gets out, she'll go alone.

Danko tells Noah that this won't happen again. He says if Tracy does lead Bennet to Rebel, Noah should kill them both and chalk it up to self-defense.

Tracy walks through a department store and picks out some clothes and shoes. She changes in the dressing room. An attendant asks if she would like her to check the sizes, but Tracy declines and uses her ability to break off the security tag. She changes her mind and opens the door asking the attendant to get a smaller jacket, but finds Noah Bennet outside.

Noah and Tracy fool the saleswoman.

Noah tells her she should have stuck with Matt Parkman, and he would have never found her. She says they did walk right past him. Noah reveals he has a gun, steps into the changing room, and tells her he bets he could draw his gun and kill her before she freezes him, but Tracy challenges him saying she's worked up a hell of a "cold snap." The attendant knocks on the door asking if everything is all right. Bennet takes off his glasses and answers the door, saying that Tracy is his fiancé and asks for a different size of jacket. Tracy looks out, smiles and thanks the attendant, who leaves. Noah puts his glasses back on and asks Tracy who Rebel is. Tracy claims she doesn't know. Bennet gives her a choice: either be imprisoned again, or lead him to Rebel and he'll let her go: although her old life is gone forever, she'll have a chance at freedom.

Matt is carrying Daphne as he and Mohinder run into the hospital. The E.R doctor calls for a gurney; Matt places Daphne on the gurney and tells her she'll be okay. The doctor sees that the gunshot wound is septic and tells the staff to prep for surgery. Mohinder tells Matt to be prepared to leave, but Matt ignores him. The doctor says Daphne is in shock and asks what happened. Matt tells him that Daphne is his wife Janice, she accidentally shot herself on a duck-hunting trip with her family, and her father, a doctor, patched her up. The doctor says they have to report all gunshot wounds to the police, but Matt telepathically influences him not to report it and to let Matt stick around to make sure Daphne's okay.

Hiro is packing a bag for baby Matt. Hiro tells Ando that the baby is Toddler Touch and Go: he touches things and makes them go like a Baby Genesis Device. Ando watches baby Matt touch toys and make them come to life and tells Hiro that they can't just take him because that's kidnapping. Hiro says they'll leave a note for his mom. When the baby makes a toy airplane go and it almost hits Hiro, he grabs the plane and scolds the baby. Ando states that Hiro has childhood issues and is afraid of the baby. Hiro thanks Ando for calling out his childhood demons. Ando continues, "Distant Father... Departed Mother..." Hiro tells Ando he's being insensitive about his mother. Ando points out his mother died 16 years ago, but Hiro explains that when he went back in time, he met his mother and she died in his arms. Surprised, Ando asks why Hiro hadn't told him. Hiro says he was afraid he'd cry. Ando says he's about to cry now, and asks if that is why he's afraid of the baby. Hiro says he's not afraid, but he's being brave for the baby. They hear the door open and grab the baby and hide. Janice opens the closet to find all the stuffed animals around Hiro and Ando with Matt sitting in front of them. She doesn't believe they're from the babysitting service.

Tracy walks down the street and hears her name come from an ATM machine. She gets money and a receipt that tells her to go to Union Station and look in locker 413 for her identification and boarding pass. She thanks Rebel, then runs toward the street to catch a cab. Micah watches and catches his own taxi.

Angela meets her friend, Millie at a restaurant. Millie points out that Angela looks like she was mugged and the first thing they stole was her dignity. Angela says she has had a bad day. Millie tells Angela about her day: she was detained by people with badges for four hours asking about the company she keeps or kept. Angela says she needs a favor. She knows Millie might wonder why they haven't spoken in some time. Millie interrupts and says they all noticed Angela wasn't the same after Arthur's death, and asks what Angela is going to do now. Angela says she's just trying to help her sons get out of the trouble she put them in. She says she needs a change of clothes, a car, and whatever cash Millie has on her so she can disappear. Millie says if she were Angela, she should turn herself in. Angela gets up to leave and tells Millie she was glad to see her. Millie gives her the couple hundred dollars she has in her wallet. Angela thanks her and on her way out steals Millie's umbrella.

Janice tells Hiro and Ando she called the cops and they should get going. Hiro says her baby is in danger. Ando asks if she knows her baby is special. She says it started during the eclipse just like with his daddy and asks if they're here because of what Matt did. Hiro says that they are heroes just like Matt Parkman. Janice says that Matt is no hero, he's a terrorist and takes her baby to the TV and asks him to turn it on. They see Matt covered in explosives on the news, but Hiro and Ando tell Janice that Matt didn't do this, and that the government is trying to trick everyone into thinking that people like them are terrorists. Janice asks if they mean people with abilities. Hiro tells her he currently doesn't have an ability, but Ando shows her how he can make a red glow in between his hands and tells her people like them are being arrested. Hiro says the government's now after little Matt and they were sent to help him.

Ando learns a new trick.

There's a knock at the door. Hiro and Ando hide with baby Matt while Janice opens the door. The officers at the door have a warrant to bring in Janice and her baby for questioning. She asks if this is about her ex-husband and an agent says it is. She asks why they need to talk to her son since he never met his father and he can't speak. An officer explains the warrant is for both of them and asks if the baby is home. Janice says he's at the babysitters and she'll take them there. They agree and she grabs her purse and jacket. As they leave, one of the men orders for the house to be searched. Janice tries to stop them, but they continue to take her away. Hiro and Ando try to run, but realize they're trapped. Ando hands Matt to Hiro and blasts the officers with red lightning as they try to enter the room, knocking them back. The baby touches Hiro and Ando looks up at Hiro excited about his new ability. The men come back though, and knock Ando out. As they come for Hiro, he's able to stop time.

Hiro cheers up and tells Matt what a good baby he is, because "Toddler Touch and Go" touched Hiro and gave him his powers back. Hiro soon discovers he can't teleport. He gets a wheelbarrow and puts Ando in it.

Daphne wakes up in her hospital room and finds flowers, balloons, and cards addressed to Gwen Stefani. Matt is sleeping in a nearby chair. She asks him how long she's been out. He tells her it's been two days. She's been pumped full of antibiotics to kill the infection, nothing but the best for "Gwen". Daphne asks who Janice is. Matt tells her it's his ex-wife. Daphne doesn't really appreciate Matt sliding her into his ex-wife's life and says that although Matt had a dream they were married, it doesn't mean they're meant to be together. She starts changing out of her hospital gown and into street clothes. Matt tells her it wasn't a dream, it was a spirit walk, and says he's hanging their relationship on the fact the he loves her. Daphne says it's all in his head and she doesn't want to be his surrogate Janice. Matt protests to no avail. Daphne tells Matt it was nice meeting him, and it's the first time she's said that to someone and actually meant it. "What if they catch you?" Matt warns. "I'm not going to slow down long enough for anyone to catch me," Daphne replies, "not even you." and then she leaves.

At Union Station, Tracy finds her locker and meets Micah, who reveals himself as Rebel. Tracy realizes that her nephew is in serious trouble now and reveals that she has double-crossed him and led the government right to him. Micah is upset to find out his aunt looks out only for herself and would turn someone like herself in just to save herself. Micah sets off the alarms and leads Tracy to the parking garage.

Angela is walking down the street when she notices Danko's men closing in on her; she turns only to find more of Danko's men behind her. She enters a nearby building, hops on an elevator just in time and heads up to the roof. Danko's men open up the control panel to the elevator and take over, bringing the elevator back down. Angela hears a bang on top of the elevator and looks up and smiles. As the doors open on the ground floor, Danko's men see Angela and Peter inside. Peter flies the two of them through the emergency hatch on the elevator to safety.

Tracy and Micah walk quickly through the parking garage. Tracy remarks that Micah must have been a boy scout because he's always prepared. Micah says clearly she never was a boy scout because the first rule is to always be trustworthy and she is not. Tracy says she's not proud of herself. Micah reveals he's read everything there was to read about Tracy and thought he knew her, but he didn't. Tracy said that if she had met Micah earlier in her life maybe she would be like her bio, but she's not and she's not his mom. Micah says his mom was a hero, but Tracy's a politician. Micah says this is a rebellion and asks Tracy whose side she's on.

Tracy succumbs to her power.

Danko's men pull up, and Micah and Tracy duck behind a car. Tracy tells Micah to make the sprinklers make it rain. As the men approach, she tells Micah to find a way out and to keep doing what he's doing. As he leaves, she yells for him and tells him to stay ahead of the ice. Micah runs and Tracy walks up to Danko's men. They draw their guns, but as they're about to fire, she freezes everything around her. Micah escapes before the door freezes shut. Tracy's cold snap is so thorough, she freezes herself. Danko walks up to her and shoots her point blank. Micah hears the shot, turns, but keeps running. Tracy falls to pieces in the floor. HRG walks up to Danko and says, "She said she had a hell of a cold snap". Danko asks if there was any sign of Rebel and HRG says no. As Danko walks away, the remains of Tracy's frozen face wink.

Hiro carries Matt and pushes Ando in the wheelbarrow to a Greyhound bus station. Hiro grabs a baby bottle from another baby and offers it to Matt Jr., saying that he'll see his mom soon when it is safe. He tells him to keep being brave, then sets time in motion again. Ando asks Hiro what happened. Hiro explains how the baby restarted his time-stopping ability, but not his teleportation, so he had to push Ando for 12 miles in the wheelbarrow. Now they have saved little Matt Parkman, they resolve to save big Matt Parkman.

In Paris, Daphne overlooks the city from her perch on top of a building. Matt says, "Penny for your thoughts." Daphne asks "Since when do you need to pay people for their thoughts?" She then asks Matt how he found her; Matt replies, "I know you love Paris like I love -", but Daphne cuts him off: "Don't." Then Daphne asks how he got there so fast. Matt tells her that he flew, and asks Daphne how she got here. She says she ran across the water. Daphne says, "you read minds, you don't", but before she can finish, Matt floats into the air. Daphne says, "I didn't know you could fly". Matt responds, "I didn't know you could run on water". Daphne says she can run on anything but air or the vacuum of space, else she'd be living on the moon. Matt says they're learning new and intriguing things about each other, the kind of things you can hang a relationship on. Matt then offers to show Daphne Paris like she's "never seen it before". "Once around the tower," Daphne says.

As they fly over Paris, Daphne asks how high they can go; Matt replies, "As high as you want". Daphne says, "you really would do anything for me, wouldn't you?" Matt tells her "just say the word". Daphne asks him to let her go; she knows she's really still in the hospital and Matt's just trying to give her a storybook ending. Matt says he's sorry, but Daphne says "Don't be. I'm not". Teary-eyed, Matt says he just wanted to make her happy. Daphne says that he did, and that he deserves "the real thing, not a fantasy". Then Daphne asks Matt to do one more thing for her. "Anything", Matt replies. Daphne says, "Fly me to the moon". Matt kisses her on the forehead, and off they fly into the night.

Back in the hospital, Daphne flatlines and dies with Matt still holding her hand as Mohinder consoles him.

Peter looks out from the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Angela walks up behind him and he asks her what she wants to do now.

Memorable Quotes

"Can you say 'Yatta'?"

- Hiro (to Matt Parkman, Jr.)

"I wouldn't go home if I were you."

- Noah (to Angela)

"The baby has a power."

- Ando (to Hiro about Matt Parkman, Jr.)

"While you were busy playing Abu Ghraib, I was trying to make ice in an oven. This is a breezy 68 degrees and I've worked up one hell of a cold snap."

- Tracy (to Noah)

"Do you want my advice?"


- Millie, Angela

"Heroes change the world. Not diapers.."

- Hiro

"Micah? What are you doing here?"
"I'm Rebel."

-Tracy learns the identity of Rebel.

"...and Micah! Stay ahead of the ice..."

- Tracy (to Micah)

"Do one more thing for me?"


"Fly me to the moon."

- Daphne, Matt

"Rebel, Rebel."

- Noah

"She said she had a hell of a cold snap."

- Noah (to Danko)

"Bad baby! No television for you!"

- Hiro (to Matt Parkman, Jr.)

Character Appearances


  • Noah Gray-Cabey is credited as a Special Guest Star for this episode.
  • Noah Bennet says, "Rebel, Rebel." This may be a reference to the David Bowie song of the same name.
  • "Chapter Seven" & "Cold Snap" are broken up in the title sequence, making this the first episode to have ever done so. (The title card for Villains did not feature a chapter number.)
  • Micah's voice has deepened, and he is considerably taller, showing that some time has passed since his last appearance in One of Us, One of Them.

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