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Jose Gutierrez

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Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez.jpg
Portrayed by Lucius Hoyos
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Phasing
Age 12
Home Los Angeles, CA
Residence The Gutierrezes' home
Occupation Student
Parents Oscar Gutierrez (deceased),
Elena Gutierrez
Grandparents Mr. Gutierrez (paternal grandfather),
Inez Bustamante (maternal grandmother)
Other relatives Luis Gutierrez (great-grandfather),
Carlos Gutierrez (paternal uncle),
Carmen (maternal aunt)

Jose Gutierrez is Carlos's nephew who idolizes El Vengador. He is an evo with the power of phasing.

Character History

Brave New World

Jose is among the students at Linderman Junior High School who listen to Carlos's motivational speech during the school assembly. Jose claps at the end of Carlos's speech, and walks back to Gutierrez and Sons with him. Jose wants Carlos to stay in town and maybe even work in the family business, but Carlos is reluctant. Jose tells Carlos that he is a hero like El Vengador, but again, Carlos is not so sure. When they arrive at the garage, Jose's father Oscar scolds Jose for leaving graffiti of El Vengador on the garage, and tells him to clean it off. Jose accepts his punishment and paints over the graffiti with a roller.

After receiving news of his father's death, Jose stands on a rooftop and wonders why El Vengador didn't stop his father's killers. Jose tells Carlos that he never got a chance to show Oscar something important, but when Carlos asks what it is, Jose asks to be left alone. When Carlos leaves, Jose phases his hand through a wall before worriedly pulling it out again.


After Oscar's funeral, Jose sits and eats with Carlos in Gutierrez and Sons. Father Mauricio arrives and tells Jose that his mother wants him to go back to the apartment, so Jose gets up and leaves.

Under the Mask

Jose arrives at Gutierrez and Sons just as Carlos is about to close up the garage. Jose protests, saying that "Gutierrez and Sons" includes them both, so that just because Oscar is gone doesn't mean the family business has to go too. Carlos agrees, but tells Jose that it's best if the garage closes so they can have time to figure things out. Frustrated about the garage and that the police are probably not going to discover who killed Oscar, Jose walks away, ignoring Carlos's insistence that things are going to get better.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 1

Jose greets his father when he returns home.

The Needs of the Many

At Gutierrez and Sons, Jose uses his power of phasing to tinker with the insides of a car. When Carlos arrives and asks what he's doing, Jose quickly pulls his hand out and tells Carlos that the car belonged to his grandfather. Jose says that he used to work on it with Oscar, but since Oscar is dead, the task of fixing it is up to him now.

When Jose returns to the garage from school, he finds that Carlos has got the car working and is about to take it for a spin. Jose asks Carlos if he can come with him, but Carlos replies that it is too dangerous since he wants to put the engine up to 100mph. When Carlos drives away, Jose frustratedly tosses a bolt across the garage and hears it fall down some steps underneath a grille. Jose slides open the grille and descends, discovering El Vengador's lair.

When Father Mauricio arrives at the garage, Jose shows him El Vengador's mask, exclaiming that El Vengador was his father. Jose realizes that if he had known, he and his father could've been a team, so he regrets not showing him his secret. When Mauricio asks Jose what he kept from showing his father, Jose demonstrates his power of phasing. At that moment, Captain Dearing arrives at the garage and sees that Jose is an evo. At Mauricio's command, Jose runs, but is captured by one of Dearing's colleagues.

The Lion's Den

After realizing that Jose was not in Gutierrez and Sons, Carlos goes to an LAPD police station and demands to see James Dearing, since Dearing knows where Jose is.

Game Over

In the basement of Gutierrez and Sons, Carlos asks a drugged Dearing where Jose is, but Dearing refuses to answer. Eventually, Dearing has Carlos drive them both to a forest opposite Sunstone Manor. He tells Carlos that both Jose and Father Mauricio are inside the building.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 2

Oscar Gutierrez sits down and has breakfast with Elena and Jose.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Under the influence of Matt's telepathy at Sunstone Manor, Jose believes he is talking to his deceased father about crimefighting tactics. The apparition of Oscar asks Jose if he is ready to fight crime with him as a team, and Jose replies that he is. When Carlos arrives, he grabs Jose and hurriedly tells him that they have to leave. Jose recognizes Carlos as an enemy and resists. Carlos grabs Jose and tries to lead him towards the exit, but he is forced to let go of his hands to fight off some guards. Carlos tells Jose that he will be back and flees.

11:53 to Odessa

Carlos remembers that Jose told him about Hero Truther.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 3

Jose attends mass at St. Francis with his mother and father. Later, when Jose sits down to eat dinner with his family, he pulls back his hood and reveals a black eye. Jose tells his parents that he got in a fight at school because some kids called him a "weirdo". Oscar gives Jose a bag of frozen peas to soothe his injury and tells him to ignore the bullies.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 4

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Send in the Clones

Making his way through Sunstone Manor, Carlos calls out to Jose who calls out to him and eventually phases through a wall. Jose leads Carlos to Micah Sanders and hides as Carlos faces off against a Harris clone and Father Chavez is murdered. Carlos later hides Chavez's body so Jose can't see it and Jose listens to Micah's explanation of the H.E.L.E. in fear.

Company Woman

Jose stays behind with Micah when Carlos and Farah Nazan go to find Malina at Union Wells High School. He later watches as Carlos tends to the wounded Farah and joins him and Micah in taking Farah to the hospital.

Project Reborn

At St. Jude's Hospital, Carlos prepares to operate on Farah Nazan to remove the bullet, but Jose instead uses his phasing power to remove the bullet, impressing Carlos. At that moment, more people arrive looking for help in the abandoned hospital and Jose, Carlos and Micah stay to help treat the injured people.

Three months later, as Carlos adds flamethrowers to his El Vengador suit, Jose asks when Carlos and Farah will let him join them. When Carlos asks him what kind of uncle would he be if he let Jose do that, Jose tells him Carlos would be the coolest uncle in the world. Farah and Carlos are amused by Jose's words and the three leave the room together.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 5

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Heroes Evolutions

A Matter of Trust

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Evolved Human Abilities

Jose has the ability to phase his body through solid objects.

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