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Heroes Interactive:Brother's Keeper

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Brother's Keeper.


  • To play this week's interactive game during tonight's show, you must reply w/ your timezone:

U'll get 10/msgs an hour starting @ 8/7c!
> PT

  • You're signed up and will receive interactive message during tonight's episode of Heroes. To stop, reply HSTOP or HELP for help.
  • Get ready for fun, facts, polls, and more as you watch the show! Starting soon!
  • Although this scene was set in India, it was actually shot in Pasadena, California.
  • Which occupation has Nathan NOT Held?

E. Congressman
F. District attorney
G. U.S. Air Force
Reply E, F or G.
> G

  • You got it. Nathan was actually an officer in the Navy.
  • Of the following, who is NOT one of Chandra Suresh's patients?

H. Bob Bishop
I. Angela Petrelli
J. Maury Parkman
K. Charles Deveaux
Reply H, I, J or K.
> J

  • You got it! As far as we know, Maury escaped "treatment" at Coyote Sands.
  • What was the first body part that Claire lost and had to regenerate?

L. Her pinkie finger
M. Her pinkie toe
N. Her left foot
Reply L, M or N
> M

  • Claire cut off her pinkie toe on a whim while giving herself a manicure.
  • Should Mohinder have left Chandra's box in the trash?

O. Yes! He's risking his happiness!
P. No. Mohinder is the only one who can stop Samuel.
Reply O or P
> P

  • 85% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Where did the Sullivan brothers grow up?

S. Dublin
T. Edinburgh
U. New York
Reply S, T or U.
> S

  • You're right! Joseph and Samuel grew up on the New York estate where their parents worked as maid and butler.
  • Although this scene may seem like it takes place at the Grand Canyon, it was shot in front of a blue screen in a Los Angeles parking lot.
  • Should Hiro give Chandra's film to Samuel?

V. Yes. Hiro has no choice if he wants to see Charlie again.
W. No way!
Reply V or W.
> W

  • 63% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Where is Sylar?

X. He's finally gone for good.
Y. Still hiding in Matt's mind.
Z. Hiding in Nathan's mind, and maybe Peter's, too!
Reply X, Y or Z
> X

  • 3% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> Z

  • 15% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> Z

  • 83% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Thanks for playing tonight's interactive game! Now check out this exclusive video content:

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