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Heroes Interactive:Fight or Flight

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Fight or Flight.


  • Welcome to the "Heroes" Interactive Experience.
  • This week's journey starts in Honduras, but soon you'll be travelling to other Heroes locations while participating in surveys, answering trivia and testing your psychic abilities.
  • Don't forget to check out CHARACTER MAP to learn more about the characters of Heroes and their connections.
  • Caitlin doubts she is good enough for Peter. What do you think?
    • I disagree
    • I agree
  • In a twist of fate, Kristen Bell, who debuts as Elle, sat next to "Heroes" writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite on a train home from this year's San Diego Comic Con. The writers pitched her to the "Heroes" producers and the rest fell into place.
  • The sparks coming from her hands were added in by visual effects and the crackling sound was added in post.
  • If you were Matt, would you bring Nathan along to see your father for the first time since you were thirteen?
    • Yes (85%)
    • I'd go alone (15%)
  • This scene was re-shot weeks after the original scene. It was filmed right outside of the Wandering Rocks Pub stage.
    • Try to guess the correct symbols. To eliminate one incorrect symbol in each card, click START then click START again when the white bar is in the yellow area. Hit CHECK CARDS when you've finished.
  • Noah Gray-Cabey, who plays Micah, is a musical prodigy and is really playing here. He started playing piano when he was just eighteen months old and by age five became the youngest soloist to play at the Sydney Opera House.
  • A hand double was used to play the piano on behalf of Monica's character.
  • Filmed on stage, HRG and the Haitian were walking alongside an 8x8 blue screen that allowed visual effects to add in Red Square in Moscow.
  • The falling ashes were done by special effects by making black and white square shaped confetti and throwing handfuls in front of a Ritter fan.
  • Who do you think Maury is going after?
    • Molly (36%)
    • Angela Petrelli (43%)
    • Bob (21%)
  • There is always a Japanese coach on the set to help the actors with translations and their pronounciations for the Japanese scenes.
  • When Micah touches the TV, on cue a remote is used to turn the TV on off-camera to illustrate his ability to talk to machines.
  • When Suresh tazers Niki, he was only aiming the tazer gun. The electrical beams were added as a visual effect in post.
  • Monica had a stunt double for the double dutch routine. However, some shots were done with Monica without the jump ropes, which were added in by post.
  • The rain falling outside the window is a rain machine used by special effects that drizzles raindrops down the window on cue.
  • Peter is wearing milky white contacts to appear that he is possessed while painting.
  • This fight sequence between Nathan and himself with a scarred face took two days to film. The first day was Nathan with a clean face and a stunt double with the scar makeup. The next day the same scene was re-shot, this time with Adrian Pasdar in the scar makeup.
  • The hundreds of tents you see as Whitebeard's Camp is the handiwork of visual effects. Before the effects were added in, the army of three was overlooking an empty field.
  • Dana Davis, who plays Monica, underwent martial arts rehearsals to master these moves. She was hooked up to wires to complete her flip, and the wires were removed in the editing room.
  • The finished painting, which was done by the artist Tim Sale, is replaced on the easel.
  • Optic Nerve created a charred Ricky dummy to show the effects of being electrocuted.
  • Thanks for participating in the "Heroes" Interactive Experience!


  • As with those for the previous episodes of Season Two, The Heroes Interactive for Fight or Flight was accompanied by a character map, which was essentially a portal of photos and season one histories for each of the characters.

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