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Heroes Interactive:Our Father

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Our Father.


  • In-show msgs start soon. What's ur timezone?

Txt A,B,C,D 2 play today. U'll also be entered into the sweeps.

> D

  • Welcome! U'll receive ~10 msgs/hr during tonight's Heroes. U have 1 sweeps entry, 1/wk. More @ Std msg chrgs apply. To stop, reply STOP
  • Get ready for fun facts, polls, and more as you watch the show! Starting soon!
  • In which episode did this scene originally take place?

F. .07%
G. Company Man
H. Godsend
Reply F, G, or H

> G

  • You're all over it! This scene is from Season One's Company Man.
  • "Tamagoaki" is a square egg custard, often served as a Japanese breakfast dish.
  • According to the show, as well as his blog, what is Hiro's favorite comic series?

I. 9th Wonders
J. X-Men
L. Superman
Reply I, J, or L

> J

  • Absolutely correct. Hiro is a huge X-Men fan--and so is Masi.
  • Do you think H.R.G. recognizes Claire?

M. Yes
N. No
Reply M or N

> N

  • 47% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • How many abilities has Arthur taken this season?

O. 4
P. 12
Q. 8
Reply O, P or Q

> Q

  • Find out what happens to some of Pinehearst's other marines next Monday on the premiere of the Heroes web series "The Recruit."


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