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Heroes Interactive:Company Man

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Company Man.

This episode, notably, alternated between "official information" and "Hana's messages".


  • This episode has more shots than any other. The average episode has approximately 750 shots while "Company Man" has over 1000!
 HG: If you are reading this, I need your help.  
 My name is Hana Gitelman.  Do you know who I am? 
(radio buttons: YES | no )
 Good, I have information for you, hang on. 
Waiting for next update._
89% Yes
10% No
 HG: Hold on.  My team just missed their check-in. I'll explain a minute.  Brb 
  • Hayden (Claire) can only work ten hours a day because she is still in school, and Randall (Lyle) can only work eight. This makes scheduling very difficult, but the crew was able to shoot 35 set-ups per day - that's one set-up every 20 minutes, which is incredibly fast.
 HG: My team is a mind-reader, Matt Parkman, and a radioactive human  
named Ted Sprague.  The scout and the firepower. We're investigating 
a man named Bennet for clues about our abilities. See my site 
for details:
 HG: If there's one thing I learned in Mossad, it's that people are messy.  
They make mistakes when they think they're safe.  Like in their home. 
Parkman and Sprague are searching Bennet's house in 
Odessa, Texas for slip-ups. Meanwhile, I hunt Bennet's masters. 
 HG: Parkman and Sprague are now very late for check-in.  
I'm going to scan around for them: calls, anything. Wait for me.
 HG: I can't seem to contact my team. If anyone has any 
information about the situation in Odessa, Texas, please respond.
22% > Be careful, Bennet is going to surprise you.
69% > It was a mistake to trust Ted. 
 7% > Parkman could be a weak link in your plan.
 HG: Parkman and Sprague are on their own for now. I need your help.  
For starters, I need code-crackers. Please report your skill level. 
39% > Excellent at code-cracking.  
35% > Good if working with others.
25% > Not my area of expertise but I'll try.
We're also going to be working with images: editing, deciphering.
36% > Experienced with image editing programs.
49% > Good at deciphering visual puzzles.
13% > Not experienced, but willing to help.
HG: Hang on, something strange.  I just traced a burst of activity.  
Something is happening at Primatech.  Parkman and Sprague might be 
trying to contact me. 
 HG: Those messages were encoded.  That's not my team.  Parkman
 and Sprague are in trouble. 
 HG: I've traced emergency communications from Primatech.  This could 
be my break in tracing Bennet's superiors. But I can't think about anything
but the human nuke out there. Has my desire for revenge clouded my judgement?
What about Ted's? 
 HG: I have to focus.  There is still a bigger picture here.  The next 
couple weeks will be critical, for me, for my kind, and for you.  
 HG: The communications have stopped.  Ted and Matt are off the radar again.  
I feel blind.  What's happening out there? 
 HG: Wait!  I just overheard a 911 call about a home invasion in Odessa.  
Coincidence? Can't be. 
 HG: ...a surge... from Odessa... some kind of electromagnetic pulse, this 
storm of false data into phone and cable lines, ...I was looking right at it, never felt anything like it... Ted? ...brb  
  • The special effects team uses a gasoline mixture that is referred to as "butter" to make the sets burn so realistically. Whenever something needed to go up in flames, the director and special effects coordinator would yell, "Butter it up!" They also like to say things like, "Butter up the banister."
  • A lot of time was spent on the fire for this episode. Two sets of the Bennet house were used - the original house and the burned version. Now both sets are gone!
  • All the doors that flew off the house in the explosion were connected to wire cables precisely controlled by the special effects team. The wires were digitally removed in post production.
 There's been a serious breach.  I have  lost all contact with Parkman and Ted.
This is a blow, especially the loss of Parkman's abilities.  I underestimated Ted's 
desire for revenge... Maybe Mossad was right about weakness of the heart. 
 I'm detecting a new burst of activity at Primatech.  I need to check this out.  
Maybe a chance to salvage some of this.  I need your help more than ever.  
Watch my site: 

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