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Heroes Interactive:Parasite

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Parasite.


  • Welcome to the Interactive Experience.
  • Fun Fact
    300 extras were on the set during the filming of the Corinthian Casino scenes -- the most that "Heroes" has ever used!
  • Fun Fact
    Eric Roberts, who plays H.R.G.'s boss, portrayed "The Master" in the 1996 TV movie version of "Dr. Who."
  • What Do You Think?
    Would you wear a wire to defeat a known mobster?
    • > 40% -- Yes, anything it takes.
    • > 40% -- No, my life is too valuable.
    • ~ 10% -- Neither, I want to join the mob.
  • Fun Fact
    The music that's playing is the popular aria "Un Bel Di Vedremo" from Giacomo Puccini's "Madame Butterfly". It's being performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of John Pritchard.
  • What Do You Think?
    If you were Suresh, what would you do now?
    • > 40% -- Kill Sylar
    • < 10% -- Torture Sylar
    • > 20% -- Dissect Sylar's brain
    • > 20% -- Perform a spinal tap for further study
  • What Do You Think?
    Hiro seems to like Nathan now. How do you feel about the elder Petrelli brother?
    • > 10% -- I'd vote for him this instant...twice!
    • < 20% -- I don't trust him for a second.
    • ~ 10% -- He's cold, heartless and selfish.
    • < 60% -- He's a softie on the inside.
  • Fun Fact
    This is actually not an airport. These scenes were shot at the Long Beach Convention Center.
  • Fun Fact
    Candice is played by Missy Peregrym, a former model and soccer player who is best known for her role in "Dark Angel" and the movie "Stick It."
  • Fun Fact
    The game that Micah and Niki are playing is a Sony game called "Heavenly Sword." It hasn't been released yet, but Sony gave permission for "Heroes" to use it in this episode.
  • Can You Guess?
    What will Suresh discover from Sylar?
    • ~ 10% -- Nothing
    • < 50% -- The key to unlock his father's formula
    • < 10% -- The secret recipe for Coca Cola.
    • > 30% -- A way to stop him from absorbing more abilities.
  • Fun Fact
    Linderman's archive was built in place of the Bennet's burned down house. Want to visit the archives? Check out to discover a way inside!
  • Fun Fact
    The catalogue number for Kensei's sword is CRM114, a reference to a Stanley Kubrick trademark that is seen in many of his films, including "A Clockwork Orange."
  • Remember this question?
    What will Suresh discover from Sylar?
    Correct answer: The key to unlock his father's formula.
  • Fun Fact
    While Sendhil and Zachary (Suresh and Sylar) were filming together, they insulted each other off camera to get the anger right for their combative scenes.
  • Pop Quiz!
    DNA is made up of four bases. They are adenine, thymine, guanine, and...
    • < 5% -- Arrhenius
    • < 20% -- Rubidium
    • > 70% -- Cytosine
    • < 5% -- Cyanoethyl
  • Can You Guess?
    How will Nathan deal with Linderman now?
    • < 20% -- Be honest
    • ~ 20% -- Run away!
    • > 40% -- Do whatever he says
    • > 20% -- Kill him
  • What Do You Think?
    Can the future be changed?
    • ~ 5% -- No, it's pre-determined.
    • > 80% -- Yes, the future is up to us and its possibilities are ever-changing.
    • < 5% -- Don't ask me. These questions make my head hurt.
    • ~ 10% -- That's irrelevant. Time is a loop and the future is also the past.
  • Remember this question?
    Who did the Haitian call?
    Correct answer: Nathan and Peter's mom
  • Fun Fact
    Malcolm McDowell, who plays Linderman, is a legendary British actor who has appeared in dozens of films, including "A Clockwork Orange", which is actually referenced in this episode.
  • Remember this question?
    How will Nathan deal with Linderman now?
    Correct answer: Do whatever he says
  • Fun Fact
    Suresh and Peter are pinned against the ceiling and wall with harnesses that go underneath their clothes. The harnesses are on a pulley system that keeps them pulled tight against the surfaces.

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