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Heroes Interactive:The Fix

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode The Fix.


  • Message from Hana
    Want to try to get into his files too? Go to, find the helix hidden in the logo on the 'About Us' page. Enter the username bennet and password CLSx172. The password to get into my file is HGghx11a. Get 2 know me.
  • Can You Guess?
    Do you think Claire will ever find her biological parents?
    • 89% -- Yes
    • 11% -- No
  • Did You Know?
    Masi Oka has an IQ of over 180 and was on the cover of TIME magazine as a child. The headline read: "Those Asian-American Whiz Kids."
  • Fun Fact
    By the 11th century, a code had formed for samurai warriors. They had to be literate, culture, and well studied in military arts.
  • Fun Fact
    Although the original samurai were mercenary soldiers in the employ of the emperor, they eventually formed their own governments in various regions across Japan.
  • What Do You Think?
    Do you think Dr. Witherson has an ulterior motive?
    • 83% -- Yes
    • 17% -- No
  • Fun Fact
    Ali Larter sported a whipped cream bikini in "Varsity Blues."
  • What Do You Think?
    Why is The Haitian willing to help Claire?
    • 24% -- Personal motive
    • 8% -- Hatred for HRG
    • 13% -- Protective instinct
    • 55% -- He's somehow connected to her bio parents
  • Can You Guess?
    Is Sylar really dead?
  • What Do You Think?
    What do you think Sylar does with the brains he takes?
    • 18% -- Eats them
    • 1% -- Hides them
    • 71% -- Extracts DNA
    • 2% -- Collects in shoe boxes
    • 8% -- No idea
  • Did You Know?
    Kermit, Texas is a real city with an estimated population in 2005 of 5,281.
  • Can You Guess?
    Will Matt stick to his guns or lie to get out of this situation?
    • 49% -- Stick to his guns
    • 51% -- Lie
  • Did You Know?
    An ombudsman is an official, usually (but not always) appointed by the government, who is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individual citizens.
  • Fun Fact
    A first-class ticket from New York to Tokyo costs as much as $8,000.
  • Fun Fact
    In December 1951, an experimental reactor produced the first electric power from the atom, lighting four light bulbs. Nuclear energy has been used since 1953 to power U.S. Navy vessels, and since 1955 to provide electricity for home use.
  • What Do You Think?
    If you were invisible, what would you do?
    • 11% -- Spy on my boss
    • 19% -- Spy on mu significant other
    • 44% -- Locker room madness
    • 26% -- Steal whatever's not nailed down
  • Can You Guess?
    Will Matt and Janice stay together?
    • 49% -- Yes
    • 51% -- No
  • "Heroes" Knowledge
    Jessica and Niki were beaten by their father when they were kids. Jessica/Niki holds him responsible for Jessica's death.
  • What Do You Think?
    If you could get cash like Micah just did, would you?
    • 41% -- Yes
    • 20% -- No
    • 39% -- Depends
  • What Do You Think?
    If you were Claire how would you feel about your father right now?
    • 1% -- Trust him
    • 47% -- Distrust him
    • 44% -- Mixed feelings
    • 1% -- Love
    • 8% -- Hate
  • Did You Know?
    George Takei is best known as Mr. Sulu from the "Star Trek" series. We will see him again in upcoming episodes


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