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Heroes Interactive:The Line

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode The Line.


  • Welcome to the "Heroes" Interactive Experience.
  • This week's journey starts in Honduras, but soon you'll be travelling to other Heroes locations while participating in surveys, answering trivia and testing your psychic abilities.
  • Don't forget to check out CHARACTER MAP to learn more about the characters of Heroes and their connections.
  • Jack Coleman learned his Russian lines quickly due to his background in French and Spanish.
  • How did Sylar lose his powers?
    • Unexpectedly
    • The Shanti Virus
    • Hiro stabbed him
    • Candice stole them
  • The Japanese scrolls were actually created specifically for Heroes by the art department. They took about a week and a half to make.
  • What kind of car did Claire drive?
    • Hyundai Tucson
    • Toyota RAV4
    • Nissan Rogue
    • Honda CR-V
  • In trying to find the right glasses for HRG, Heroes producers had Jack Coleman try on over 30 pairs.
  • In this scene, breakaway glass was used when Mohinder throws the chair into the lab fridge.
  • Claire didn't actually fall very far for this shot. The camera did most of the motion and the background was shot using a blue screen.
  • In real life, Hayden has never broken a bone in her body.
  • The actress who plays Debbie is actually of legal age to drink.
  • The wardrobe department customized the armor for each warrior in feudal Japan.
  • Do you think that Mohinder should trust Bob?
    • Yes (12%)
    • No (88%)
  • The sword fighting scenes took about two weeks of rehearsal with each rehearsal lasting anywhere from two to four hours.
  • Do you think Hiro and Yaeko should be together?
    • Yes (60%)
    • No (40%)
  • Who was Sylar's first victim?
    • Dale Smither
    • Brian Davis
    • Zane Taylor
    • Virginia Gray
  • Do you think that Claire and West took it too far with Debbie, or did she get what she deserved?
    • Took it too far (44%)
    • She deserved it (56%)
  • If you were HRG, would you get rid of Ivan or take his offer to safely leave the Company?
    • Get rid of Ivan (50%)
    • Leave (50%)
  • Peter and Caitlin didn't travel to Canada to walk the streets of Montreal, it's actually the same exterior set used for the Ireland Pub location.
  • Thanks for participating in tonight's "Heroes" Interactive Experience! For cast commentary, original graphic novels, secrets, sneaks, and more, go to after tonight's broadcast.


  • As with those for the previous episodes of Season Two, The Heroes Interactive for The Line was accompanied by a character map, which was essentially a portal of photos and season one histories for each of the characters.

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