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Heroes Interactive:Cautionary Tales

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Cautionary Tales.


  • This week's journey starts in Honduras, but soon you'll be traveling to other "Heroes" locations while participating in surveys, answering trivia and testing your psychic abilities.
  • Do you think Matt with continue to use his powers for good?
    • Yes (83%)
    • No (17%)
  • The background sounds at the hotel were added in post production.
  • How does The Company refer to Molly?
    • Walsh Telecommunications System
    • Walton Transmitting System
    • Walker Tracking System
    • Walter Tracing System
  • The name Claire means "famous" in Latin.
  • The name Bennet means blessed.
  • Do you feel sympathy for Elle?
    • Yes (72%)
    • No (28%)
  • A retractable needle is used to simulate the injection effect in this shot.
  • Thanks for participating in tonight's "Heroes" Interactive Experience! For cast commentary, original graphic novels, secrets, sneaks, and more, go to after tonight's broadcast.


  • As with those for the previous episodes of Season Two, the Heroes Interactive for Cautionary Tales was accompanied by a character map, which was essentially a portal of photos and season one histories for each of the characters.
  • This Heroes Interactive incorrectly misspelled Isaac's last name as "Mendel" (It should be "Isaac Mendez"). The last name for actress Kristen Bell, who plays Elle Bishop, is misspelled as "Belle". The first name of Cristine Rose, who plays Angela Petrelli, is misspelled as "Christine".

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