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Heroes Interactive:Orientation / Jump, Push, Fall

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episodes Orientation and Jump, Push, Fall.



  • Thanks! To play this week's game, reply w/ your time zone: ET, CT, MT, PT
    U'll get a reminder each week to play. Msg&data rates may aply. 2 stop, txt HEND

> PT

  • You're signed up and will receive interactive message during tonight's episode of Heroes. To stop, reply HSTOP or HELP for help.
  • Get ready for fun, facts, polls, and more as you watch the show! Starting soon!
  • Where have we seen this actor before?

F. HBO's Carnivale
G. Fox's Prison Break
H. Star Trek Voyager
I. All of the above
Reply F,G,H, or I.
> I

  • Yes, it's All of the above. Robert Knepper was a regular on Prison Break and Carnivale--and appeared in one episode of Voyager in 1999.
  • This scene was shot near Valencia, California--because it looks like it could be anywhere.
  • Do you think Claire's new roommate also has abilities?

J. Yes, it's just too perfect!
K. No, she's just a normal, brainy girl.
Reply J or K.
> J

  • 59% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • The book Claire's math professor is reading is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith.
  • Should Hiro be using his abilities 2 solve everyday problems?

L. Yes, helping others is his destiny.
M. No, he could alter the future.
Respond L or M.
> L

  • 44% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Who now has the power to assume a watery shape?

N. Daphne
O. Mohinder
P. Tracy
Q. Sylar
Respond N,O,P, or Q
> P

  • Exactly! Tracy, once the ice-queen, has the ability to transform herself into liquid form.
  • Claire's scenes on the campus quad were shot at UCLA.
  • Can Tracy trust Noah?

R. Yes, he's an honorable man who cares about her.
S. No, he's just going to trick her into being captured.
Respond R or S.
> R

  • 71% of viewers agree with you.
  • In which episode did the Haitian first appear?

T. One Giant Leap
U. Six Months Ago
V. Collision
W. The Eclipse, Part One
Respond T,U,V, or W > T

  • Wow, good memory! The mysterious Haitian is first encountered by Matt Parkman in season one's One Giant Leap.
  • Is stopping time what's injuring Hiro, or is it unrelated?

X. It's a result of overusing his powers.
Y. Has nothing to do with it.
Respond X or Y.
> Y

  • 43% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • What did Matt do to Sylar to make him angry?

1. Pushed Nathan's mind into his body.
2. Took away his powers.
3. Killed his father.
Respond 1, 2, or 3.
> 1

  • That's right. At the end of last season, Angela and Noah convinced Matt to project Nathan's mind into Sylar's shape-shifted body.
  • Actor Masi Oka graduated from Brown University with a degree in Computer Programming.
  • How do you think Claire's roommate died?

4. She committed suicide
5. She was murdered
6. It was an accident
Reply 4, 5 or 6.
> 5

  • 89% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Should Hiro adhere to his code not to change the past?

7. He should change the past.
8. No, the Butterfly Effect is real.
Reply 7 or 8.
> 7

  • 27% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Should Claire tell Annie's parents about the suicide note?

9. Yes, they have a right to know.
10. No, they've suffered enough.
Reply 9 or 10.
> 9

  • 62% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Who else has exhibited super speed?

11. Claire
12. Daphne
13. Matt
Respond 11, 12, or 13.
> 12

  • Absolutely. Daphne, AKA The Speedster, was hired by Linderman and died toward the end of season 3.
  • Will Sylar convince Matt to start using his power again?

14. Yes, it's inevitable
15. No, Matt will stand strong.
Respond 14 or 15.
> 14

  • 93% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Thanks for playing tonight's interactive game! Now check out this exclusive video content:


  • Entry into the Sprint sweepstakes prize introduced in Season Three is no longer part of the Heroes Interactive iSMS. To enter, users will now need to participate in the interactive story.

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