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Heroes Interactive:Landslide

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Landslide.


  • Welcome to the "Heroes" Interactive experience!
  • Fun Fact
    A samurai's sword, known as a "katana," is made from a hard, steel skin wrapped around a softer, more flexible inner core to make it more durable against breaking... but samurai never predicted a foe like Sylar!
  • Fun Fact
    Jack Coleman, who plays Mr. Bennet, is Ben Franklin's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson on his mother's side.
  • Test Your "Heroes" Knowledge
    What's the last state Sylar's mom needs to complete her snowglobe collection?
    • < 60% -- Oregon
    • > 10% -- Washington
    • < 20% -- Texas
    • ~ 10% -- Montana
  • Fun Fact
    In 1824, the first known political poll was conducted by the Harrisburg Pennsylvanian for the presidential contest between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. Today, a variety of polling methods are used, each having distinct pros and cons.
  • Fun Fact
    Ando first pointed out the "Godsend" symbol at the museum in the episode appropriately entitled, "Godsend."
  • Can You Guess?
    Why is Hiro's father in Claremont's store?
    • ~ 30% -- To take Hiro back to Japan
    • ~ 0% -- Breaking a dollar for parking
    • < 50% -- To teach Hiro swordsmanship
    • > 20% -- To reveal Ando's part in "the plan"
  • Fun Fact
    "The Silver Surfer #1," printed in 1968 and written by Stan Lee, is worth around $150.
  • Fun Fact
    The downtown New York City scenes were shot on the backlot of Paramount Studios, which was dressed to look like Chinatown.
  • Fun Fact
    "Nakamura" is one of the top 20 most common surnames in Japan.
  • Can You Guess?
    George Takei did not appear in:
    • < 30% -- Malcolm in the Middle
    • ~ 20% -- Son of the Beach
    • > 20% -- Pensacola: Wings of Gold
    • < 30% -- Playhouse 90
  • Fun Fact
    There was a piano in the school gym where the scene of Micah "voting" was shot. To keep the crew entertained at the end of a long day, Noah, who plays Micah, performed a number of songs while the crew was setting up. Needless to say, he was amazing.
  • Fun Fact
    George Takei did a lot of the sword fighting himself - he rocked the sword, as did Masi.
  • What Do You Think?
    Who do you think is going to succeed in their mission?
  • Fun Fact
    Adair Tishler, who plays Molly, has been acting since the age of six when she appeared in the short film, "Six in the City." She has also appeared on the TV shows, "House,""Charmed," and NBC's "E-Ring."
  • Test Your "Heroes" Knowledge
    In what town did D.L.'s former crew rob a sports book?
    • < 40% -- Henderson
    • < 20% -- Primm
    • < 20% -- Fletcher
    • > 20% -- Baker
  • Fun Fact
    The FBI Van flip was shot right outside the building used for the sword fighting training montage.
  • What Do You Think?
    How will the standoff between HRG and Suresh end?
    • > 0% -- Molly will die!
    • < 10% -- Suresh will get shot.
    • < 20% -- HRG will get shot.
    • < 10% -- HRG and Suresh will get shot.
    • > 60% -- Other
  • Fun Fact
    The training sequence was shot in an awesome abandoned warehouse. The art department did an amazing job dressing it... with a little extra help from a smoke machine.
  • Fun Fact
    The van flip took two complete overnights of shooting from 6pm to 7am. It was intense to get everything "in the can" before the sun rose.
  • What Do You Think?
    Will the explosion be stopped?
    • < 60% -- Yes
    • ~ 40% -- No
  • For cast commentary, original graphic novels, secrets, sneaks, and more, go to after Monday's broadcast.

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