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Heroes Interactive:Tabula Rasa

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Tabula Rasa.


  • To play this week's interactive game during tonight's show, you must reply w/ your timezone:

U'll get 10/msgs an hour starting @ 8/7c!
> PT

  • You're signed up and will receive interactive message during tonight's episode of Heroes. To stop, reply HSTOP or HELP for help.
  • Get ready for fun, facts, polls, and more as you watch the show! Starting soon!
  • As a hospice nurse, whom did Peter help?

E. Arthur Petrelli
F. Kaito Nakamura
G. Charles Deveaux
Reply E, F, G.
> G

  • Just before he died, Charles Deveaux told his daughter Simone that he flew with Peter.
  • Is H.R.G. really looking for another job?

H. No way. H.R.G. is a company man, all the way.
I. Yes, H.R.G. is trying to turn over a new leaf.
Reply H or I.
> H

  • 69% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Which Hero did Sylar not kill? (*)

J. Elle Bishop
K. Maya Herrera
L. Ted Sprague
M. Eden McCain
Reply J, K, L or M.
> K

  • Who knows why Sylar chose to spare Maya?
  • Do you think Jeremy really meant to kill his parents?

N. No way. He's just a kid who can't control his ability.
O. In that moment, he did.
Reply N or O.
> N

  • 74% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Hiro is showing the kids how to applaud in ASL, American Sign Language.
  • Where did Hiro meet Charlie, and why was she dying?

P. Odessa Texas, brain tumor
Q. Tokyo, brain cancer
R. Midland Texas, blood clot
Reply P, Q or R.
> R

  • That's right! Hiro met Charlie at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, Texas.
  • Now that Sylar has joined the Carnival, will he turn over a new leaf?

S. Nope.
T. Everyone has the ability to change.
Reply S or T.
> S

  • 60% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Thanks for playing tonight's interactive game! Now check out this exclusive video content:


  • This question actually has two correct answers. Although Sylar is often blamed for Eden McCain's death, he actually didn't kill her. She killed herself to prevent Sylar from doing so and taking her ability.

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