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Heroes Interactive:Upon This Rock / Let It Bleed

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episodes Upon This Rock and Let It Bleed.


  • To play this week's interactive game during tonight's show, you must reply w/ your time zone:

U'll get 10/msgs an hour starting @ 8/7c!

  • You're signed up and will receive interactive message during tonight's episode of Heroes. To stop, reply HSTOP or HELP for help.
  • Get ready for fun, facts, polls, and more as you watch the show! Starting soon!
  • How long will Claire stay at the Carnival?

A. One day or less.
B. Until she has to return to school.
C. Forever.
Reply A, B or C.

> A

  • 34% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> B

  • 54% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> C

  • 12% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • What song is "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" from?

E. Blowin' in the Wind
F. Me and Bobby McGee
G. Yesterday
Reply E, F or G.

> F

  • That's right, Janis Joplin immortalized this song written by Kris Kristofferson.
  • Should Emma let Samuel come into her apartment?

H. No way! Stranger danger!
I. Yes. The only place Emma will be free is at the Carnival.
Reply H or I.

> H

  • 89% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Which book features Sancho Panza, and who wrote it?

J. Man From La Manca, Zola
K. Don Quixote, Cervantes
Reply J or K.

> K

  • Yes! Sancho Panza is a character in Miguel de Cervantes' "Don Quixote."
  • Fun Fact: The Carnival scenes are shot on a full-sized set on the Universal Studios backlot.
  • Why is Hiro fixated on going to Florida?

M. That's where Charlie is.
N. That's where Dr. Suresh is.
O. His tumor is making him crazy.
Reply M, N or O.

> M

  • 41% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> N

  • 49% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> O

  • 9% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

P. Prison Break
Q. Carnivale
R. 24
Reply P, Q or R.

> R

  • Exactly! Knepper played T-Bag on Prison Break and Tommy Dolan on Carnivale, but he never appeared on 24.
  • Why do you think Claire's so upset?

S. Duh! It's a funeral, and Nathan is dead.
T. She's more upset that H.R.G. is lying to her.
Reply S or T.

> T

  • 62% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • What's the name of Nathan's assistant?

1. Jemma
2. Margaret
3. Elizabeth
Reply 1, 2 or 3.

> 3

  • That's right, Elizabeth ran interference for Nathan while he was figuring out that he was in fact Sylar.
  • Why do you think Sylar can't kill?

4. Somehow he's still Nathan.
5. He's lost his hunger for blood.
6. He's clearly suffering from PTSD.
Reply 4, 5 or 6.

> 4

  • 65% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> 5

  • 12% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> 6

  • 23% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Where did Claire meet West?

7. Sam's Comics
8. Union Wells High School
9. Costa Verde High School
Reply 7, 8, or 9.

> 9

  • You got it! Claire met her only real boyfriend West at Costa Verde HS.
  • Sodium thiopental suppresses brain function when injected. In theory, lying becomes too difficult since it requires more thought than truthtelling.
  • Of the following, who has Sylar not hooked up with?

10. Janice
11. Elle
12. Maya
13. Eden
Reply 10, 11, 12 or 13.

> 13

  • Exactly! Eden killed herself before Sylar could consume her or her power.
  • What's more effective for interrogation:

14. Befriending the subject.
15. Torturing the subject.
Reply 14 or 15.

> 14

  • 78% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Who told Sylar that he would die alone?

16. Angela
17. Hiro
18. Mohinder
Reply 16, 17 or 18.

> 17

  • You're good. Hiro told Sylar about his future in exchange for saving Charlie's life.
  • Where do you think Sylar's new tattoo is telling him to go?

19. Find Peter at Nathan's funeral
20. Team up with Edgar
21. Kill Angela
Reply 19, 20, 21.

> 19

  • 43% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> 20

  • 26% of Heroes viewers agree with you.

> 21

  • 31% of Heroes viewers agree with you.
  • Thanks for playing tonight's interactive game! As a reward for participating, check out this exclusive content:

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